Has the Congress gone on the backfoot due to this statement of Jai Ram Thakur? Has the Congress gone backfoot due to this statement of Jai Ram Thakur

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Himachal Pradesh Elections

On the last day of campaigning for the assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the Congress, saying that it is raising the issue of old pension scheme just for the sake of politics. He questioned that if the Congress realized that it was a mistake to adopt the new pension scheme, then why did it not reinstate the old pension scheme in its government from 2012 to 2017.

Said such a big thing on the last day

On this issue, Congress is repeatedly trying to put BJP on the back foot. Addressing reporters on the last day, Thakur said he had no moral right to make such a promise. Addressing a press conference here on the last day of campaigning for the November 12 assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, Thakur said the committee constituted by the state government would look into the issue closely along with all available options. Attacking the Congress for making it a big election issue, the Chief Minister said that this opposition party “has no moral right on it as its leadership has signed MoUs across the country and the new pension scheme has been implemented by abolishing the old pension scheme”. Of.”

‘Congress should apologise’
Thakur further said that “Congress leaders are raising this issue simply for political gains. Congress should apologise. If he made a mistake, he had time to rectify it when the Virbhadra Singh government was formed in 2012. At that time she could have reinstated it.” He said that after two decades they are trying to make it an election issue. “We have always said that we should not jump to conclusions in haste, that is not appropriate.

Ashok Gehlot requested the Prime Minister
What can be the way forward on the old pension scheme, has the Congress studied its impact. Referring to a program attended by him, the Prime Minister, the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan and Assam, he said that when they were ‘all eating together at a table,’ (Rajasthan Chief Minister) Ashok Gehlot with folded hands told the Prime Minister That ‘we have to announce the old pension scheme but without your blessings and cooperation it cannot be possible’.

Why is Congress raising this issue?
He questioned whether the Rajasthan government implemented the old pension scheme nine months after the announcement. He said that there is a chaotic situation there on this issue. “I want to tell the employees that we understand your condolences,” Thakur said when several employees of the Himachal Pradesh government had demanded the implementation of the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) recently, he said. Must be aware that Congress is trying to raise this issue “just for political gains”.

Said this thing for apple growers
On the demand of apple growers to increase the minimum support price and increase the import duty on importing apples by 100 percent, Thakur said, “We have put the issue of import duty with the central government.” He said that the minimum support price of apples. Extended more than the Congress regime and the state government is sensitive to the concerns of the producers. He said that according to various surveys the BJP is ahead of the Congress and it will again form the government in the state.

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