Hemant Soren said – If ED’s action is unilateral, there will be protest, are BJP ruled states washed with milk? , Hemant Soren said If ED’s action is unilateral, there will be protest

hemant soren

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Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren Has said that if ED’s action is unilateral, then we have the power to oppose it. We are ready to provide all kind of cooperation to the investigating agency. In the matter in which we are being interrogated, there should be an inquiry even before his chief ministership. There is no objection if the agency brings milk of milk and water of water in front. He raised the question that why the raids and action of agencies are taking place only in non-BJP ruled states? Are BJP ruled states washed of milk? Soren said that the BJP is trying to blame the present government for its sins, but we will foil their conspiracies.

ED interrogated Hemant Soren for 9 hours

Soren was addressing JMM workers and supporters who arrived from various districts of the state near the Chief Minister’s residence on Friday. Soren came before the workers on Friday after being questioned by the ED for nearly nine hours on Thursday in the Rs 1,000 crore mining scam in Jharkhand’s Sahibganj district and thanked them for their support.

‘Why is action taken except in a BJP-ruled state?’
The CM said that yesterday I had gone to the investigating agency. He answered questions for 8 hours. We asked whether it could be a scam in two years. He said – We did not say two years. We told them that if you work honestly, you will get full cooperation of the government. If one-sided work is done, then they have the power to oppose. We are not averse to the investigating agency, but they should answer why action is taken except in a BJP-ruled state.

‘Opposition is working to provoke indigenous tribals’
The CM said that the opposition is trying to provoke our native tribals, but let me tell them that 3.25 crore people have recognized their conspiracy. As the popularity of the government is increasing, the people of BJP are feeling pain in their stomach. The government is taking development works to the panchayat level. Solving the problems of the villagers. Struggling has been a history of centuries for us poor. Dishome Guru Shibu Soren was also harassed by these people, but what happened. Today there was no stain on Shibu Soren.

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