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The Modi government is following the policy of zero tolerance to terrorism and will apprise the international community of its resolve in India’s fight against this evil. The Union Home Ministry said that it is organizing the third Ministerial Conference on ‘No Money for Terrorism’ (NMFT) here on November 18-19 in which representatives of 75 countries and international organizations will participate in the two-day debate.

Amit Shah will attend this conference

According to the ministry statement, the hosting of the NMFT conference reflects the issue of international terrorism, its zero-tolerance policy towards this menace, and the importance attached by the Modi government to the issue of being discussed in the international community. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will attend this conference and will put forward India’s resolve in the fight against terrorism and its cooperation mechanism to achieve success in the fight against terrorism.

This issue will be discussed

The goal of this conference, according to the statement, is to take forward the discussions discussed by the international community on combating the financing of terrorism in the previous two conferences in Paris (2018) and Melbourne (2019). Its purpose is to include discussions on technical, legal and support aspects of all aspects of terrorism financing. It will seek to trigger other high-level official and political discussions focused on combating the financing of terrorism.

‘Many countries are victims of terrorism’

Many countries around the world have been suffering from terrorism and extremism for years. Although the forms of this violence are different, they arise largely due to unstable geopolitical environment and prolonged ethnic conflicts. Since India has faced various forms of terrorism for more than three decades, it understands the pain of the countries affected by this situation.

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