“I was recruited in the Air Force to fight the enemy, not to die in the accident”, said the relatives of the unique force. “I was admitted to the Air Force to fight the enemies, not to die in the accident”

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Barmer Plane Crash


  • Two pilots were killed in a plane crash near Barmer
  • Both the pilots were flying the MiG-21 aircraft.
  • Demanded immediate decommissioning of the entire fleet of MiG-21 jets

Barmer Plane Crash: The family members of Indian Air Force pilot Flight Lieutenant Anikash Bal are deeply shocked by his death in the plane crash but they regret it more that instead of being a ‘martyr fighting enemies’, an ‘old’ aircraft. He was killed while flying. Flight Lieutenant Bal was among the two pilots who died in the plane crash on Thursday. Relatives of the force have urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to immediately decommission the entire fleet of obsolete MiG-21 jets so that no more lives are lost.

MiG-21 fleet to be decommissioned

Apart from the force, Wing Commander M Rana, a resident of Himachal Pradesh, was also killed in the plane crash near Barmer on Thursday night. Karamveer, a relative of the force and a former army personnel, said, “Our child used to be excited to fight the enemies in war but his dream could not be fulfilled after he died in an accident.” “I would like to request the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister that the MiG-21 (K fleet) be decommissioned so that no more lives are lost,” he said.

The inspiration for the youth was a unique force

To console the kin of the unique force, people from different parts of Jammu gathered at his house in Jindermehlu village of RS Pura town. Many of them said the unparalleled force for the children of the village was “a role model for the new generation” and that they were proud of the flight lieutenant’s sacrifice. Sanjay Singh, who is preparing for NDA exam, said, “He was a role model for us. Since childhood, he wanted to become a fighter pilot.” Unique Bal’s father also served in the army.

MiG-21’s record regarding security is very poor

Air Headquarters has ordered an inquiry into the accident. MiG-21s have been one of the flagship aircraft of the Indian Air Force but these aircraft have a poor safety record for quite some time now. In March, Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt said in the Rajya Sabha that 42 defense personnel had died in plane and helicopter crashes in the three services during the last five years. The total number of air accidents in the last five years was 45, out of which 29 involved Air Force personnel.

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