‘I will ‘expose the reality’ of what Pakistan did to me, Adnan Sami’s big attack on the neighboring country

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Adnan Sami

Music composer Adnan Sami has accused the Pakistani authorities of torturing him, saying that he will reveal it when the time comes, which will shock many. Adnan, who has been a citizen of India since 2016, was born in the UK to a Pakistani father. Adnan never left any stone unturned to criticize Pakistan. In the latest developments, he promised to “expose the reality” of how the administration treated him. He shared a long note on Twitter along with a picture of himself.

I have problem with rulers not with Pakistan: Sami

The note read, “Many people ask me why I have so much hatred towards Pakistan. The bitter truth is that I have no hatred towards the people of Pakistan, who are very nice. I love them all. I am the one who loves me.” The singer said that he had a problem with the Pakistan administration because of the “behavior” he met. He said, “However, I have many vexations against the Government of Pakistan. Those who really know me will also know what that administration did to me for many years, which ultimately led to me leaving Pakistan. became one of them.”

Will reveal the reality soon: Adnan

The Padma Shri awardee concluded, “One day, soon, I will uncover the reality of how he treated me, which many people do not know, at least the general public, it will surprise many! I I have been silent about all this for many years, but am waiting for the right time to tell.”

How did the controversy start?

Adnan had congratulated England on social media after the victory of England in the final T20 World yesterday. After this Pakistani fans started targeting him. This thing went a little further and Adnan expressed his anger on the Pakistani authorities by tweeting. On social media, Adnan said that he will soon reveal the whole truth about how he was treated badly there for a long time, which became the major reason for his leaving Pakistan.

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