Ian Chappell on T10 Cricket: Ian Chappell did not like T10 cricket, advised professional players to stay away

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  • Ian Chappell opposes T10 format cricket
  • Chappell instructs professional cricketers to stay away from T10 cricket
  • Chappell calls for a debate on taking forward the cricket format

Ian Chappell on T10 CricketThe league format is increasing rapidly in world cricket. Although it has also spread cricket rapidly all over the world. Many such countries of Europe, which did not participate in cricket earlier, are playing cricket fiercely after the increasing popularity of league cricket. Especially after the advent of the T20 format, the spread of cricket as a sport is good for it. This is good news for the International Cricket Council (ICC), the largest body of world cricket, but former Australian captain Ian Chappell is not happy with it.

Ian Chappell instructed to avoid T10

Chappell is worried about the future of cricket. He believes that the officials and administrators looking after cricket should avoid looking at T10 as a substitute. The former Australian captain wants a long debate on this so that what is good and what is bad can be decided in all the formats involved in cricket.

Chappell wrote on ESPNcricinfo, “This topic should have been debated earlier. Although it is still not too late but now the list of formats in the game has become longer which has also happened due to the betterment of women’s cricket and the change of conditions.

Chappell argued in his favor that the situation has become like the situation that arose during the World Series Cricket (WSC) in the 1970s. Let us tell you that in the late 70s, Kerry Packer had brought a series of cricket, in which many international cricketers also participated but it was not recognized by the ICC. Chappell says, “There is no blueprint for the future of cricket. And the revolt is on the rise because of the pay and conditions as in the 70s. Then the game of 50 overs flourished. Now in the headlines is T20, in which players rarely mention about Test cricket.

Chappell also talked about Ben Stokes’ sudden decision to retire from the ODI format. He said that it is not that it was not expected but still it is a matter of concern. “If a 50-over match is played well, it is entertainment. Current players often play IPL and T20 matches, so T20 is on top for them.

He said, “Therefore, there is a need to seriously consider the future of the game. There should be a strong decision on how many formats are good for cricket. There should be talk on how to proceed in these formats to ensure the development of the game.

According to Chappell, before taking any decision, there is also a need to look at the history of cricket. After Test was considered boring, ODI came, followed by more shorter format T20, now T10 league has also come which can be more entertaining and popular. But Chappell believes that this format is not fit for professional cricketers.

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