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  • employs over 3 million people
  • The first tea garden was built in Assam
  • The condition of women working in plantation is not good.

Independence Day Special: Tea is such a word that on hearing it, a slight smile comes on the face of tea lovers. Almost all the people living in India are addicted to tea. There will be many people who do not start without tea. There are people fond of drinking tea from village to city. Now different varieties of tea are also available. If you are a lover of tea, then you must be aware of things like tandoori tea, ginger tea, black pepper tea, etc. Tea is seen as a big business in our country. You will also find many such stories and stories in whose life tea has brought a lot of change. Now it has emerged as a brand. Branded tea shops are opening. Today we will know about this tea, what was the history of tea in India and in which states tea is cultivated. What is the condition of tea traders at present?

What is the history of tea?

According to historians, the tea plant was first found in China. That is, we can say that tea cultivation started from China. It is said that in 2337 BC, Emperor Shen Nang of China was once going somewhere by the way of the forest, when he felt thirsty and when the water was coming to a boil to drink water, then some leaves fell in the boiling water. After that the color of the water changed. The king was surprised to see this. The king decided that we will drink water like this. When the king drank the hot water, he felt refreshed as soon as he drank it. This is where tea was discovered. However, for 2 years, China has been taking this matter in confusion whether it is beneficial for the body or not. History tells that in the 15th century Portuguese and then Dutch, French and British traders arrived in China and brought tea to their countries. Its taste was so unique that at that time only the royal family could drink tea, as it was very expensive. Since tea was not grown anywhere other than China, Chinese merchants gave tea to European traders in exchange for silver and gold.

How did tea come to India?

The British rule had knocked in India. The whole country was under British rule. The British first used to take tea from China, in return they used to give opium to China illegally, let us tell you that opium was completely banned in China. When strict laws were made in China regarding opium, it became difficult for the British to buy tea from China. According to the historian, tea cultivation was started in India with the help of China. Although according to some historians, the first tea garden was built in Assam. It is said that the British had seen some tribal families living in Assam drinking the beverage. Whose taste and gesture was completely like tea. After this, the British started tea garden or tea cultivation in the Chauba areas of Assam in 1837.

What is the status of tea at present?

Our country comes second among tea producing countries. More than 3 million people in the country get employment through tea. The smallholding of tea in the same country is 157504. Tea cultivation in India is mainly done in Assam and Bengal. From here tea is sent all over the world. A recent study found that the condition of women working in tea gardens is not good, they are not being given money in return for their labour. There are many challenges with the women doing the same work, which have been complained many times by the women but till now the solution has not been found.

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