Imran Khan Reacts On Pakistan Loss to England in T20 World Cup 2022 Final Speaks on Shaheen Shah Afridi injury

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Imran Khan reacts to Pakistan’s defeat in the final

England defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets in the final of the T20 World Cup 2022 to win the trophy for the second time. After the defeat of Pakistan in the final match, many reactions were also revealed. Then whether it is on the performance of the batsmen or on the exact line length of the bowlers. Meanwhile, the injury of Shaheen Shah Afridi was also very much discussed. Pakistan’s former world champion captain and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has also given a statement regarding all this. He has expressed his disappointment over Pakistan’s defeat at the will of Allah and Afridi’s injury.

Imran Khan’s statement surfaced on a Pakistani channel. He also asked his entire country to praise the game of the Pakistani team. Also speaking on this defeat in the final, he said, ‘I know that my community is going through a shock, because we all were sitting hoping that this time we will win the World Cup. I would like to say 2-3 things before doing my full talk, first of all there is win-win. I used to tell my team to fight till the last ball, try your best. When a result comes and man has tried his best, then man says that it is the will of Allah. That’s what I always thought.’

Shaheen Afridi’s injury became the reason for the defeat?

At the same time, Imran Khan also made a statement about the reversal of the result of the match after the injury of Shaheen Afridi. He said, ‘The team worked very hard and especially the way they kept trying till the last ball, but which is not in human hands. If Shaheen Afridi got injured, no one could do anything about it. Unfortunately, it happened at a time when it was a crucial moment and could have made a difference. I’m not saying we could have won, but it happened at a time when the game could have changed. Well all we have to say is that we congratulate the Pakistan team. The way she reached the final.

It is worth noting that in the final match, Pakistan’s team, batting first, could score only 137 runs for 8 wickets. Pakistan bowlers also did not allow England to score runs easily. 41 runs were needed to win in the last 5 overs and 4-5 wickets fell to England. He kept on standing on one end of Ben Stokes and also kept watering the hopes of Pakistani. The remaining Shaheen Afridi’s over also brought trouble for Pakistan. Afridi, who came to bowl the 16th over, did not look fit and could only bowl one ball. Iftikhar Ahmed bowled the remaining five balls and gave 13 runs to push the match towards England.

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