Increase in the strength of the Indian Army, another powerful weapon found to fight terror in Kashmir. Increase in the strength of the Indian Army, another powerful weapon found to fight terror in Kashmir

Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle- India TV Hindi News

Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle


  • Self-reliant India’s bravery is visible in the field of defense
  • Indian Army’s morale boosted by the power of indigenous weapons
  • Threats of India’s weapons are being heard all over the world

Indian Army: The indigenous strength of the Indian Army is continuously increasing. India has been increasing its power rapidly in the last few years. The army is being strengthened and the soldiers are being equipped with very modern weapons. Now India has got another modern vehicle to end terror in Kashmir. The name of this vehicle is Marksman. Let us know what is special in this special vehicle. Ground report of Manzoor Mir from South Kashmir

Here are the features of the vehicle

Security forces have got one such new vehicle in the Kashmir Valley. Which along with the security forces will face the enemies firmly. This vehicle is bulletproof as well as neutralizes blast and steel bullets. Army is strengthening bullet-proofing in the Kashmir Valley as steel bullets have surfaced once again.

CRPF will get these modern vehicles

These advanced bullet proof vehicles will protect the CRPF from steel corps bullets and grenades used by terrorists. Mahindra LBPVs have been deployed in large numbers along with the Central Reserve Police Forces for special duty in the Valley. Vehicles with enhanced safety measures come equipped with a RunFlat tire system with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. According to the security forces, the induction of the bullet resistant LMV will further enhance the effectiveness of the forces during counter-insurgency operations and encounters with terrorists.

Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle

Image Source : INDIATV

Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle

The vehicle has a 40 feet long shooting range

Apart from 40 feet long shooting range in this vehicle, all those top security measures have been kept. The vehicle is fully equipped with Jadeed technology, which has software capable of reducing and increasing the firing range up to 300 meters. Not only this, this vehicle can also be easily taken to any other place. The shooter can fire standing, kneeling and lying down, and has electronic multi-function targeting and virtual targeting systems. The CTSR has a single control station on the outside of the container and a monitoring tab near the shooter to monitor the firing and a control station capable of printing the shooter’s firing result.

This vehicle is equipped with advanced technology – Second in Commandant Anoop Kumar (CRPF)

Talking to India TV, CRPF’s Second In Commandant Anoop Kumar said that this vehicle is completely bullet proof and made with advanced technology. This vehicle is fully capable of fighting terrorist activities. The vehicle is fitted with PTZ cameras, so that during operation, the movement of outside operations can be monitored from all sides while sitting in the vehicle. Not only this, you can also take this vehicle very close to the encounter site. Neither grenades nor steel bullets have any effect on it.

There is no longer the fear of grenades and steel bullets – military personnel

The soldiers who took part in the anti-militancy operation, while talking to India TV, said that since this vehicle has been used in the operations, there is no fear of grenades nor steel bullets in the operations. With the arrival of this vehicle, one is safe for our lives and the other can easily go from one place to another by sitting in this vehicle. This vehicle can also be taken very close to the encounter site.

With the arrival of such vehicles, the eradication of terror is certain.

Terrorists have been using steel bullets more and more in the Kashmir Valley for some time, due to which many soldiers have been martyred so far, but due to the arrival of Marksman’s vehicle made from Jadeed Tareen technology, not only the lives of the soldiers have been saved. But it is also capable of carrying out anti-militancy operations to the security forces. The security forces believe that if more such vehicles are found, then it will not take much time to eliminate the terrorists in anti-militancy operations.

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