INd vs Eng Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif Trolled on tweet taking jibe on Indian team after loss in semifinal

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister furious over India’s defeat in the semi-final against England

IND vs ENG: India had to bow out of the tournament after a crushing defeat at the hands of England in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2022. This defeat of India means that on November 13, the final match of the tournament between Pakistan and England will be played in Melbourne. After this defeat of the Indian team, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has tweeted a joke. Actually, on this post of his, he himself has also been a victim of trolling. Significantly, on November 13, Pakistan’s team will play the final match of the T20 World against England.

Shahbaz Sharif wrote on Twitter that the T20 World Cup will be played between 152/0 vs 170/0 on Sunday. Let me tell you what this tweet meant. In fact, in the last T20 World Cup i.e. 2021, Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets in the first match by scoring 152 runs without any wicket. This was the first victory of Pakistan team against India in the history of any World Cup. After this, in the T20 World Cup 2022, England defeated India by 10 wickets in the semi-final match by scoring 170 runs without losing any wicket. This was the reason that Shahbaz Sharif tweeted, referring to 152 and 170 while taking a jibe at the tweet.

Pakistani PM trolled on his own post

Shahbaz Sharif, through his tweet, tried to take a jibe at India’s defeat. At the same time, he himself had to be a victim of criticism on this post itself. Many people took a dig at the Prime Minister of Pakistan on this post. Many even said that he should take care of Pakistan’s economy. At the same time, many people also said that it does not suit you as a Prime Minister. If he had been the Prime Minister of India here, nothing like this would have been seen. One user even wrote that, you do not even deserve to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Shahbaz had raised controversy even after the loss to Zimbabwe

Earlier, after Pakistan’s loss to Zimbabwe in this tournament, Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa had made a tweet, which angered Pakistanis badly. The President at first wrote that, many congratulations to the Zimbabwe team on the victory, but later he wrote that, next time sending the real Mr. Bean. Actually the matter was very hot about Mr. Bean. A Pakistani actor specializes in imitating the famous TV artist Mr Bean. There was a lot of uproar on social media about this. Regarding this, the President of Zimbabwe took a jibe in his tweet. Shortly after this, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif commented. Shehbaz wrote that, we may not have Mr Bean, but we have real sportsmanship. We Pakistanis have a strange habit of making a comeback. Congratulations to you, your team played really well today.

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