IND vs NZ Hardik Pandya said the first defeat will come under my captaincy. IND vs NZ: After the cancellation of the first match, Hardik Pandya said, the first defeat will come under my captaincy.

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Hardik Pandya and Kane Williamson

IND vs NZ T20 Series: The very first match of the series between India and New Zealand which started today was washed away due to rain. It was already raining incessantly in Wellington. There was a possibility of rain on the day of the match as well. The first toss was delayed, the toss was postponed for some time, after that the light rain stopped, then it seemed that the match would be held only after a while. But the rains again dashed the hopes of the cricket fans. Although there are still two matches left in the series and the next match is to be played on 20 November. Meanwhile, Team India’s captain Hardik Pandya and New Zealand’s captain Kane Williamson looked very disappointed due to the absence of the match.

Hardik Pandya said, can’t do anything about the rain

Indian team captain Hardik Pandya said that all the players were very excited to play the match, New Zealand is a good country and it is fun to play cricket here. But we can’t do anything about the rain. He said that many players had already reached here before us. So far three matches have been played under his captaincy and Team India has won both. Keeping his point on this, Hardik Pandya said that my first defeat will come as a captain, you just want it to come late. Said that whatever the team management and the captain say, the players will accept the same. I have been playing for six years and now players listen to me. The player is young in age but full of experience. He has the experience of playing in a league like IPL. He is confident in himself and is not afraid of the big stage. We want the players present here to know their roles. The players who are already in the team already know their roles. The T20 World Cup is left behind. There will be disappointment but now is a new beginning. You cannot go back and change what happened.

Kane Williamson said, we want to play with Team India
On the other hand, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson said that this series has come soon after a big tournament like T20 World Cup 2022. You have always wanted to play against the Indian team, but today it did not happen. All the teams look forward to the upcoming World Cup. In the next year, you will see more ODI format being organized. We will make changes in our team depending on the circumstances. As a team, we want to get better. We will work on the lessons learned from the World Cup. There is depth in the bowling. Adam Milne didn’t get a chance in the World Cup. There are many players who will get an opportunity to play. I have seen the players of this Indian team in IPL and I have no doubt that they will become superstars for this team in future. We are not looking at the next match as a battle for the third place in the World Cup. We will also make a fresh start in the next match. The players are ready for the series after a week’s rest. The weather will be good at my home ground for the next match.

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