India TV Exclusive strength of Indian Air Force will increase, know what is PM Modi plan 2035

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Indian Air Force


  • Air Force will increase its strength by adding 386 aircraft
  • Advance Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) will increase power
  • Work is going on fast on PM Modi’s plan 2035

India TV Exclusive : The Indian Air Force is trying to increase its strength further. Work is going on fast on PM Modi’s plan 2035 to strengthen the Air Force. Prime Minister Modi himself keeps on taking information about this project from time to time. He talks to all the senior officials about this project. Under this plan, the Indian Air Force will increase the number of its falling squadrons. Under Plan 2035, the Air Force is also preparing for the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA). This aircraft will be able to fly with a pilot and without a pilot. Plans are underway to further increase the strength of the Air Force by adding about 368 aircraft. These days the ADA lab of DRDO is working day and night on PM Modi’s plan 2035.

Tejas Mark-1 and Tejas Mark-2 will replace MiG and Miraj

At present, there are aircraft like MiG-21, MiG-29, Mirage 2000 and Jaguar in the Indian Air Force fleet which are now obsolete and preparations are being made to replace them. Now Tejas Mark-1 will replace MiG-21, while MiG-29 will replace Jaguar and Mirage 2000 with Tejas Mark-2. But the biggest move right now is the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA). This aircraft is going to be the world’s most modern five to six generation fighter aircraft with stealth capability. This aircraft can fly with a pilot and without a pilot. This aircraft is more modern than America’s F-35. At present, its full preparation is going on in the ADA lab.

Advance Medium Combat Aircraft will increase the strength of the Air Force

India TV’s reporting team also flew in this state-of-the-art aircraft with Wing Commander Siddharth Singh for about 45 minutes. It can fly in any weather with all its modern weapons and can destroy the enemy. At present, all the missiles present with the Indian Air Force can be installed in this aircraft. Apart from this, its testing has been done with Astro Missile, R73, Python and now preparations are being made to install Rudram. The India TV correspondent, along with Wing Commander Siddhartha, witnessed the aircraft’s ability to perform air to air strikes and its ability to destroy its enemy camp from air to surface. The 45-minute flight had a wonderful view of Tejas’s capability and modern technology.

Indian Air Force

Image Source : India TV

India TV Reporter Manish Prasad on IAF Plane

At present, the Air Force has 40 Tejas aircraft.

Let us tell you that at present 40 Tejas are part of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force has two squadrons of Tejas aircraft. Now preparations are going on for Tejas Mark-1. Their total number is 83. Of these, 73 are single seater combat aircraft and ten are twin seater trainer aircraft. In the coming days, Tejas Mark-2 aircraft will replace 6 squadrons of Mirage and Jaguar aircraft, that is, more than 100 fighter aircraft. Along with this, preparations are also being made for 7 Squadron Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, which will be about 120 in number. These aircraft will be the fifth and sixth generation fighter aircraft. At present, ADA is also conducting trials with the Indian Navy. Therefore, in the coming time, the tweet engine TEDBF fighter aircraft will become part of the Indian Navy in the number of 45.

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