Indian and Central Railways earned crores of rupees from junk along with cleaning it also earned

Railways earns crores of rupees from scrap - India TV Hindi News

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Railways earned crores of rupees from junk

Traveling in India is supposed to mean Indian Railways. With the help of railways, lakhs of people travel from one place to another every day. Most of the people in the country travel with the help of Indian Railways. Rail travel has also gained momentum in the last few years. Hundreds of new trains have been introduced. Due to which a lot of time has been saved in traveling. Indian Railways is currently walking on the path of modernity.

Rail travel has also gained momentum in the last few years and its journey has also become modern. In such a situation, different campaigns are being run continuously by the Railways. At the same time, cleanliness is also being given more attention under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the country. Under which the Railways is also running a cleanliness drive. Railways have also earned from this. Zero Scrap Mission was launched by Indian Railways and Central Railway under “Clean Rail” campaign. The Zero Scrap Mission of Central Railway was started with the objective of reducing scrap and saving energy.

India is the first country to launch zero-scrap mission

Central Railway is considered to be the largest network of Indian Railways. A large amount of zero scrap mission is being run here. Such a campaign is being run not only in the country but in the world for the first time. Under the campaign, Central Railway is making all the stations, sections, establishments, depots, workshops, sheds, workplaces junk free. Apart from this, it has continued its efforts towards taking forward the zero scrap mission to make all railway locations, divisions junk free.

Highest earning so far in this financial year

During the current financial year 2022-23 so far, Central Railway has earned more than 250 crores by selling old scrap. Central Railway has earned this highest ever by selling junk. The April to October period has the highest ever revenue generated from the sale of scrap in any year.

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