Indian embassies abroad There is no authentic data of Indians living abroad know what the parliamentary committee said

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  • There is no authentic data of Indians living abroad
  • A committee of Parliament expressed surprise
  • Can’t tackle challenges due to lack of data: Committee

Indian embassies abroad: A committee of Parliament has expressed surprise that there is no ‘verifiable data’ of the wider overseas Indian community spread across the world and asked the Indian Embassy/High Commission/Mission abroad to establish close contact with the overseas Indian community and register them. should be encouraged so that their data can be prepared. This was stated in the report of the Standing Committee on External Affairs, headed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP PP Choudhary, presented in Parliament on Wednesday. When asked about the amount remitted by NRIs, the Ministry of External Affairs said that there is no exact data available about the amount remitted from other countries to their families.

What does the World Bank report say?

However, the World Bank report on this subject has revealed that in the year 2021, NRIs sent an amount of $ 87 billion to families and India became the largest recipient country in this category. It said that it is expected that it may increase by 2.6 percent in the financial year 2022. The committee noted that among the Indian diaspora living abroad, there are 18 million people of Indian origin (PIO), 13 million non-resident Indians (NRIs) who are spread across the world and form the largest expatriate community. Apart from this, the nature of the Indian diaspora is diverse, which includes workers, workers, businessmen, politicians, professionals and students etc.

registration is voluntary

According to the report, the committee is surprised that the ministry does not have any authentic data on the Indian diaspora living abroad. In this regard, the Ministry said that as registration by the Indian community living abroad is voluntary, the entire Indian community does not register with the Indian High Commissions/Embassies abroad. Also, there is a difference in the figures due to the movement of Indian diaspora.

Incentive needed for registration

According to the report, the committee feels that in the absence of comprehensive and updated data, the ministry cannot effectively deal with the welfare schemes and challenges faced by the overseas Indian community. The report states that, the committee wants that the Indian Embassy/High Commission/Mission abroad should establish greater and closer liaison with the overseas Indian community and encourage them to register with various missions, cultural organisations, student organisations, etc. should be done so that their authentic data can be prepared.

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