Indian Railways Confirm Ticket Booking Railway ticket will be booked in just one minute follow this trick. Confirmed Tatkal tickets will be booked in just one minute, there will be no waiting till the payment option is reached

Indian Railways Confirm Ticket Booking- India TV Hindi News
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Indian Railways Confirm Ticket Booking


  • Confirm Tatkal ticket will also be available and will not have to wait
  • You can book tickets by following simple one trick
  • Trick can be adopted by logging on IRCTC website or mobile app

Indian Railways Confirm Ticket Booking: Booking tatkal ticket in train is a big headache. Because many times when we book tatkal tickets and go till payment option, all the seats are full and we are not able to get confirmed reservation in tatkal. But by following a trick, you can book tickets in seconds.

IRCTC Confirm Ticket Booking: How To Get Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

  1. First of all login to IRCTC website or mobile app.
  2. Go to My Account and go to My Master List.
  3. Then fill your basic details.
  4. Verify any one of the given 9 IDs.
  5. Apart from yourself, you can also fill the information of any other passenger.
  6. Now the master list will be generated automatically while filling the passenger details at the time of booking.
  7. From here you can add whatever you want to add without taking much time.

Keep in mind here that from 9.55 am to 10.15 am and from 10.55 to 11.15, you cannot fill any name in the master list. So keep in mind that whenever you are filling the master list, do not do it at the time given above.

The advantage of the trick of creating my master list is that when you book a ticket, you do not have to waste time in filling the details in it and you go to the option of booking the ticket directly by selecting your pre-filled details. With this, you reach the payment option sooner than others and you get a confirmed ticket.

This railway station will be transformed at a cost of 148 crores

Indian Railways is continuously moving forward on the path of development. Meanwhile, it has also come to the fore that the Railways has taken up the task of transforming the Jaisalmer railway station in Rajasthan. This railway station will be built at a cost of 148 crores. At present this railway station is of 2 floors but now it will be made of 3 floors. It will be provided with modern escalators and lifts as well as many modern facilities. Railways has fully geared up to develop this station.

Tenders have been taken for how this railway station can be used commercially. Railway DRM says that this work can start in October. It may take 2 years to complete it.

Preparation to provide facilities like airport

Preparations are being made to equip the railway station of Jaisalmer with facilities like airport. The facilities from the entrance to the platforms will be expanded and escalators, stairs, lifts etc. will be installed. Tenders have been issued for the first phase works here. It is worth mentioning that Jaisalmer attracts a lot of tourists, in such a situation, due to the expansion of railway facilities, tourists will get a lot of facilities.

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