India’s first private rocket: The world will see India’s power in space, the country’s first private rocket is being launched – India to launch it’s first private rocket


  • Rocket named after Vikram Sarabhai

  • Will be launched under mission start

The countdown has begun. Everything is ready. The stage is ready for the whole world to see the power of India in space. India’s space program will touch new heights today. When ISRO will launch the country’s first privately developed rocket Vikram-S from its center in Sriharikota. Elaborate preparations have been made to launch the Vikram-S rocket of 4-year-old start-up Sky Route Aerospace.

Rocket named after Vikram Sarabhai
Private rocket Vikram-S will be launched at 11.30 am. Earlier it was planned to be launched on 15 November. After launching from Vikram-S Satish Dhawan Space Center, it will reach an altitude of 81 km. The rocket is named after the late scientist Vikram Sarabhai, the father of the Indian space programme. Instead of common fuel, LNG i.e. liquid natural gas and liquid oxygen are being used in the launching of the rocket. This fuel is economical as well as pollution free.

Will be launched under mission start
The mission has been named Prabhav. Three payloads of two domestic and one foreign customer will be carried in the mission. Those three payloads belong to Startup Space Kidz from Chennai, Startup N-Space Tech from Andhra Pradesh and Armenian Startup BazumQ Space Research Lab.

India will do the first test flight
Sky Route claims that the 6 meter tall rocket is among the first few such rockets in the world. Featuring 3-D printed solid propellers for rocker stability. Actually this is similar to the launch of Elon Musk’s first private rocket of SpaceX. But this will be a kind of test flight. If it is successful, India will not only join the world’s leading countries in the matter of private space company’s rocket launching, but will also give new heights to the private sector’s entry in the country’s space industry.

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