Innocent child going to school in Greater Noida was bitten by a dog in the lift, VIDEO surfaced. Greater Noida Dog bites child going to school in lift

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dog attack on innocent child

Greater Noida: Dog menace continues in Greater Noida. Here again a surprising video has come out from the posh society. A pet dog attacked an innocent 8-year-old child inside the lift and badly scratched the child’s hand. The dog was being taken by its owner in the lift and the child was already present inside the lift with its mother when suddenly the dog attacked the child. The entire incident has been captured in the CCTV camera of the lift.

child’s hand wound

Greater Noida This is the whole case of Tower 7 of Law Residency Housing Society, West. The dog has bitten the son of Rahul Priyadarshi, who lives in flat number-1302 of this society. The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon and the video of the incident surfaced on Wednesday. The innocent child was getting down from the lift to go to school with his mother. At the same time, its owner started going inside the lift with a dog. As soon as he entered the lift, the dog bitten the child’s hand forcefully, after which the child started moaning in pain. In the dog attack, the child has got deep wounds in two places on his hand. After the video of this incident surfaced, there is a lot of anger among the people living in the society.

The child is very scared, 4 injections were given
The child has been given 4 injections. He also has high fever. Mother says that my child is very scared after the accident, he is just crying. We have got the child vaccinated. He also has a lot of pain in his hand. He said, such cases are increasing continuously. There should be action on this. We will also complain against the owner of the dog. At present, the police have said that the matter will be investigated as soon as the complaint is received.

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