IPL 2023 There will be a battle to buy Ben Stokes player between 10 teams the name will come in the mini auction. There will be a battle between 10 teams to buy this player, his name will come in the mini auction

Ben Stokes

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Ben Stokes

IPL 2023: IPL is in news again. For IPL 2023, all the teams will submit their list to BCCI by this evening, in which it will be told which players they are retaining and which ones they are releasing. By the way, only those players will be named in the list, who will be released, all other players will be considered retained. It is being told that the list of all the teams has been prepared and some teams have given it to the BCCI after finalizing it, the rest of the teams will finalize it and send it. After the release of the list of players, the BCCI will prepare a list for the mini auction, in which the names of these players will also be included. However, it remains to be seen which of the released players are willing to play again in the IPL mini auction. Meanwhile, a big name has also come to the fore, who can give his name in the mini auction.

Ben Stokes

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Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes can give name in IPL 2023 mini auction

Meanwhile, the player on whom the ten teams of IPL are eyeing before the mini auction is England’s Ben Stokes. Ben Stokes was earlier playing for Rajasthan Royals, but from the middle of IPL 2022, Rajasthan Royals let him go. The team had placed a hefty bet of Rs 12.5 crore on him. After this, there are now reports that Ben Stokes may be available for IPL 2023. If this happens then all the teams would like to have Ben Stokes in their side. The special thing is that the One Day World Cup is to be held in India only next year i.e. at the end of 2023. That’s why all the teams will play less T20 cricket and their focus will be more on ODIs. Ben Stokes has retired from ODIs and now plays only Test cricket, so he will have enough rest and play time. The news has come out quoting The Guardian that Ben Stokes can give his name for the IPL 2023 mini auction.

Teams can bet on Ben Stokes
Just a few days ago, Ben Stokes played a big role in making his team England the champion of T20 cricket by performing brilliantly. Along with this, he was also a special member of the England team that won the One Day World Cup. The special thing about Ben Stokes is that he plays a big role for the team with both ball and bat. If Ben Stokes comes in the mini auction, then it is sure that all the teams will try to play big bets to get him in their court and the team which has more money will take him. Ben Stokes is a great strength of any team. It has to be seen whether Ben Stokes puts his slip for the mini auction or not. And if they come then how much is bet on them.

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