IPL trophy 5 but ICC title zero know what is Rohit Sharma problem | IPL trophy 5, but ICC title zero, know what is Rohit Sharma’s problem

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, Hitman Rohit Sharma, Rohit Sharma, who led Mumbai Indians to the title five times in the IPL, but already Rohit Sharma, who lost by 10 wickets to England in the semi-finals of the big ICC tournament. This is what Rohit Sharma is currently seeing on the target of Indian fans. The journey of Team India’s World Cup 2022 is over now and the Indian team is preparing to return home soon. Although Team India has to go on a tour of New Zealand, but Rohit Sharma will not go there, he has been rested. That is why Hardik Pandya will be seen captaining there. But the question is that Rohit Sharma, who has led his team to the Mumbai Indians title five times under the captaincy of his team in IPL, also gives series win to India, but where did it go wrong in the big tournament.

Rohit Sharma

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is almost a year full time captain of Team India

The T20 World Cup 2021 and before that for a long time, the command of the Indian team was in the hands of Virat Kohli. Even at that time, Team India was continuously failing in ICC tournaments. Similar was the case with RCB captained by Virat Kohli. When a long time passed, Kohli not only gave up the captaincy of the IPL, but also left the captaincy of the Indian team in T20 Internationals. After this Rohit Sharma was made the captain. Rohit Sharma was the first choice for captaincy, as he has led Mumbai Indians to the title five times under his captaincy. Rohit Sharma started well as captain, winning mutual series as well, but his first test was in Asia Cup 2022. Here Rohit Sharma’s pole was exposed. He proved unsuccessful in taking the team to the final. This was Rohit Sharma’s first failure as a captain. But still the fans had faith in him, because the T20 World Cup 2022 was to come. Here too Rohit Sharma made a good start, defeating Pakistan in the very first match, after that the team reached the semi-finals, registering a win. But what was feared happened, Team India got such a crushing defeat in the semi-finals that the fans whose anger flared up.

Rohit Sharma in IPL

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Rohit Sharma in IPL

Why the captain who won the IPL could not get the title for Team India
Now the question is what happened to his captaincy and batting when the captain who won the IPL consecutively for Mumbai Indians got the command of the Indian team and the team went to the big tournament. It has to be understood by going a little deeper. Actually players from all over the world play in IPL, you can also have four foreign players in your team’s playing XI. The franchise of Mumbai Indians bets on big players in the auction itself and gets them in their court. It becomes easy for Rohit Sharma to feed 11 strong players from all over the world. Also in IPL you get at least 14 matches. If you win eight of these nine matches, you go straight to the playoffs. But be it the Asia Cup or the T20 World Cup or any ICC tournament, the competition here is so tight that only after a loss in a match you are in danger of being out. Let’s understand as an example. In the T20 World Cup 2022, all the teams had to play five matches in the Super 12, the team which lost two matches cannot reach the semi-finals, even winning the remaining three matches will not benefit you. Pakistan may have reached the semi-finals after winning three matches, but it has to be kept in mind that for this it was necessary that the team of Netherlands beat South Africa. If the South African team had won that match, there was no chance for Pakistan. That is why it is necessary to win every match in big tournaments, which Rohit Sharma’s team India is not able to do.

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