Iran’s fire reached India, women of this state demonstrated by burning hijab

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Kerala News: There have been fierce protests against the hijab in Iran. Now the fire of movement against Hijab has reached from Iran to India. In Kerala, women have protested by burning hijab. The first case of an organization burning the hijab has come to light in India.

The fire of anti-hijab demonstration in Iran has also reached India. A group of Muslim women set ablaze a hijab protest in front of the Kozhikode Town Hall in Kerala. Muslim women burn hijabs in solidarity with the anti-hijab movement in Iran. According to media reports, the incident took place during a seminar organized by the Kerala Yuktivadi Sangam. This is the first case of any organization burning hijab in India.

A seminar titled Fanos-Science and Free Thinking was organized in Kozhikode. Under this program, Muslim women showed solidarity with the ongoing anti-hijab movement in Iran and carried out the incident of burning the hijab. Some Muslim women of the organization led the move to burn the hijab.

Women also displayed placards against the hijab, in which they had written slogans against the hijab.

Who is Sangam a national organization

Yutukvadi Sangam is a national organization and such seminars are organized every year on the topic of free thinking. The event was attended by people of different religions including Muslim women who are part of the organisation.

There has been a large-scale protest in Iran against the hijab

In recent times, there have been widespread demonstrations in Iran against the hijab. There women have come forward and protested on a large scale. Several women were also detained in Iran for breaking the hijab law. After the death of a woman, the protests flared up and a large number of women have come forward for the protest.

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