Is Congress publishing this book to defame RSS?

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Controversial Book


  • The author of this book is Devanur Mahadev
  • RSS is the world’s largest volunteer organization
  • Author’s process on BJP’s statement

Controversial Book: A book has been written on RSS, a lot is being discussed about this book. It is being said that the book is going on sale as soon as it is published. There is out of stock in the market. Its PDF is going viral on social media. After all, what is in this book, due to which people are taking a lot of interest. Know about this book and who is the author of this book and why is it in discussion?

Why is the book in the news?

This book is written against RSS. In this book, the RSS has been severely criticized. Influenced by the writings of Dr. Hedgewar and MS Golwalkar, the founders of RSS. All the evils of RSS have been done in this book. The book has been compared to a magician. It is written in the book that there is a magic bird that lives across the seven seas. The magician’s soul resides in that bird. Understand in simple words that unless the bird can be killed, the magician cannot be killed. The same has been written in the book written by JK Rowling. Featured in the Harry Potter series. In order to kill the villain Voldemort, the Horcruxes first need to die, then this dreaded villain will be killed.

who is the author of this book

Devanur Mahadev is the author of this book. Who writes a lot on socio-economic injustice, he has received Academy Award for many books. He is one of the staunch critics of BJP and RSS. He always writes against RSS and BJP. After writing a book on RSS, it is very much discussed. There has been no response from the Sangh regarding the book so far.

Author’s process on BJP’s statement

BJP has given a statement regarding this book. It has been told in the statement that this book is like a garbage. BJP leaders have alleged that Congress is publishing this book and distributing it among the people. And their activists are making the PDF viral on social media. After this statement of BJP, the author of the book reacted saying that in this 64-page book, the views of MS Golwalkar and Savarkar have been mentioned. Is.

What is RSS?

RSS is the largest volunteer organization in the world. Which is called Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. There is no caste in this organization. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the principles of Sanatan Sanskrit of India. This organization was established on 27 September 1925, this day was the day of Vijadashami. This organization was created by Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar to become a Hindu Rashtra and for the Hindus.

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