Is PFI plotting against Hindus in the name of social organization PFI plotting against Hindu name of social organization PFI attack on hindu

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Kerala PFI


  • PFI is an extremist Islamic organization
  • It has become active in 23 states of the country.
  • They are running two WhatsApp groups against Hindus

Kerala PFIRecently, PFI has come into the limelight once the murder of a BJP leader in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district. This ruthless murder is being linked to Udaipur in Rajasthan. According to a media report, it is being claimed that its link is related to the Udaipur incident. Let us tell you, a person living in Udaipur was murdered by two Muslim youths just for sharing a post on social media. Now the question arises that why does PFI get involved in such incidents. This social organization is often accused of being involved in terrorist activities within the country. Muslim youths are increasingly being added to the organization, who are taught to spew venom against Hindus. Government of India ministers and many BJP leaders claim that PFI is a terrorist organization. In this episode, many PFI members have been caught in Bihar. NIA raided many places in Bihar. The NIA had received information that in many districts of Bihar, the wires of PFI are involved in illegal activities. In the case of Phulwari Sharif of Patna, information was received that its wire is connected to Shankarpur village of Darbhanga, where the NIA team reached and investigated.

Terrorist model busted in Patna and Banka?

A few days ago, illegal money transactions were exposed in Patna, the capital of Bihar. According to the police, a Muslim youth was arrested. The youth was accused of running two WhatsApp groups against Hindus. In this group, provocative sentences were found written against Hindus. The name of the accused is Marguv Ahmed. Police said that it was directly related to an organization in Pakistan. Police told in the investigation that Danish was getting fading from Qatar. According to sources, he had links with PFI, although this was not confirmed by the police. In the same Banka police have arrested four members of PFI. Incriminating items have been recovered from everyone. Police said that a large quantity of gelatin was recovered. They were conspiring to carry out some big terrorist attack by staying in Banka. All of them were residents of Jharkhand.

Why is the PFI being accused?

There have always been allegations against PFI that they conspire to spread violence against Hindus in the country or defame Hindus. If you remember, the hand of PFI was directly exposed at the time of citizenship law. When there was a demonstration on the hijab in Karnataka, the PFI came out in the open and tried to instigate Muslim youth, after which the issue took hold everywhere in the country.

What PFI’s Anis Ahmed said in a media interview

Recently, Patna Police had recovered many such documents related to PFI. In which there was a plan to make India a Muslim country. It was clearly written in this document that the majority community should be crushed and India should regain its lost glory. According to a media interview, PFI General Secretary Anees Ahmed said that we have no motive that we should kill Ghazwa-e-Hind and Hindus, all these allegations are baseless. Accusing the BJP, he said that there are cases in which BJP leaders are involved but no action is taken against them. However, when Anees was asked why your own members are caught with violence or illegal things, Ahmed replied with a twist.

Now know the history of PFI

PFI is an extremist Islamist organization. This organization originally belongs to Kerala. However, the strings of PFI have become very long. Now it has become active in 23 states of the country. The name of this organization was earlier National Democratic Front but after some years it was renamed as PFI. Now let’s know how this organization works. It is the work of this organization that if there is injustice against Muslims, then stand up and raise their voice for it. To be their voice

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