Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s love story started in this Indian restaurant, went on a date with wife for the first time – Indian restaurant Tandoori Tel Aviv Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu went date with wife Sara for first time


  • Indian restaurant ‘Tandoori Tel Aviv’ 40 years old

There is a restaurant in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, Tandoori Tel Aviv, which is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s favorite restaurant. In fact, for the first time in this restaurant, PM Netanyahu had brought his wife Sara on a date for the first time. PM Netanyahu told about this during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. He said that I went to an Indian restaurant in Tel Aviv about 30 years ago, and now I have two children. At the same time, the owner of this restaurant, Reena Pushkarna, told about the date with Sara, the wife of PM Netanyahu.

The first date was on table number 8
Talking to the media, Rina Pushkarna, the owner of the Indian restaurant ‘Tandoori Tel Aviv’, told about the date with Sara, the wife of PM Netanyahu. They said that they had their first date at table number 8 of our restaurant. This was the first time Netanyahu had met Sarah for the first time. Sara had come there as a customer.

Tandoori Chicken Favorites
Talking to the media, Reena Pushkarna told that PM Netanyahu loves Indian food. PM Netanyahu has his restaurant’s favorite Indian food Butter Chicken and Kadhai Chicken. Whose taste he definitely tastes once a week. Also he likes everything grilled, butter chicken sauce, which is made in the tikka masala style because of the kosher restrictions we have here.

40 Year Old Tandoori Tel Aviv Restaurant
Not only Netanyahu’s love story but Tandoori Tel Aviv restaurant is 40 years old. Which has also played a role in diplomacy between Israel and the Palestinian leadership. This led to the famous Oslo Accords. Reena Pushkaran is on the advisory council of the India-Israel Asia Centre. Along with this, he is also a celebrity chef, restaurateur and business entrepreneur. According to the Israel-Asia Center, Rina Pushkaran joined Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s delegation in 2003. At the same time, in January 2018, she also attended the visit of PM Benjamin Netanyahu to India.

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