ISRO increases its stature in the commercial satellite market, will launch mini PSLV on Sunday


  • This mini launcher is made in very low cost

  • Can launch small satellites

In an effort to be competitive in the commercial satellite market, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is all set to conduct the first launch of its Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) or mini-PSLV on Sunday (August 7) ​​at 9.18 am. This mini launcher is made in very low cost and it can be made in less time if there is demand.

This rocket will carry an Earth Observation Satellite (EOS-02) mission into space. Which is a technology demonstration satellite for various new technologies, including agriculture, forestry, geology and hydrology. Let us tell you that an SSLV is two meters in diameter and 34 meters in length and with a lift-off weight of only 120 tonnes. Whereas PSLV weighs 320 tonnes.

Can launch small satellites
This mini launcher is capable of launching nano, micro and small satellites and satellites up to 500 kg in a 500 km plane orbit. This mini launcher has short turnaround time, flexibility to hold multiple satellites and minimum launch infrastructure requirements.

SSLV is a three-step-all-solid stage vehicle. It will be the smallest of ISRO’s launchers and will free up the workhorse PSLV for larger missions. The objective of the SSLV mission is to demonstrate ISRO’s ability to deliver small payloads to low Earth orbit and will give the agency an edge in the satellite market.

invited the general public
ISRO invites citizens to view the SSLV launch at the Launch View Gallery at Sriharikota. This Indian spaceport was closed during the first few waves of the Kovid epidemic. However, keeping in view the Kovid-19, citizens are requested to bring Vaccination Certificate (2 doses) or Kovid-19 Negative Certificate with them.

The last ground testing of the Solid Booster Stage (SS1) for the Mini Launcher was done on March 14 this year at Sriharikota. All the propulsion parameters were satisfactory during the test.

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