It will be very cold in Delhi-NCR now, if you leave the house, then definitely wear winter clothes. There will be severe cold in Delhi-NCR, weather will change due to snowfall in hilly areas

Cold winds coming from the mountains have increased the coolness in Delhi-NCR.- India TV Hindi News

Cold winds coming from the mountains have increased the coolness in Delhi-NCR.

The effect of cold is now visible in Delhi-NCR. Due to the snowfall in the hilly areas, the cold winds have increased the cold in Delhi-NCR. Thursday was considered the coldest day of the season in Delhi. According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature in Delhi’s Safdarjung was 11.3 degrees Celsius. Whereas Gurugram’s minimum temperature was 9.4 degree Celsius. In the country’s capital Delhi, now the cold has started increasing in the morning and evening. At the same time, light fog is also being seen in most parts in the morning. If the Meteorological Department is to be believed, the mercury may fall further in the coming days. On Thursday, Delhi’s Safdarjung recorded a maximum temperature of 25.4 degrees Celsius, which is two notches below normal. At the same time, the minimum temperature was 11.3 degrees Celsius, which is one degree below normal.

cold will increase in next two days

On the other hand, Palam in Delhi recorded minimum temperature of 13 degree Celsius and maximum temperature of 26 degree Celsius on Thursday. Gurugram recorded a minimum temperature of 9.4 degrees Celsius. The Meteorological Department believes that two more days of cold winds will bring down the temperature. The minimum temperature in the capital can drop to 10 degrees. On the other hand, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi still remains in the poor category. According to data from the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi recorded an AQI of 253 till 9 am on Thursday, November 17, which falls in the poor category.

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