Jamia Masjid controversy: Bajrang Dal filed a petition in the High Court demanding the vacation of the mosque. Jamia Masjid controversy: Bajrang Dal filed a petition in the High Court demanding the vacation of the mosque

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Jamia Masjid

The Jamia Masjid controversy in Karnataka has now taken a new turn, where the Bajrang Dal has filed a PIL in the High Court demanding its vacation. It has been claimed in the PIL that this mosque has been built by demolishing the temple. The petition also states that the Jamia Masjid, located in the historic Srirangapatna town of Mandya district, has traces of Hindu deities and a temple structure. Hence it should be vacated immediately, as well as Hindu devotees should be allowed to take bath in the Kalyani (traditional water body) located here.

Claims to have Hindu architecture and idols in the mosque

Bajrang Dal workers have demanded re-survey of the mosque on the lines of Gyanvapi Masjid. The PIL has been filed by Bajrang Dal state president Manjunath and 108 others. Bajrang Dal sources say that in Hindu tradition, the number 108 is considered auspicious and hence 108 devotees have been formed. The Bajrang Dal has also given the court evidence from the Mysore Gazetteer, Hindu architecture in the mosque, inscriptions on Hindu idols, holy water bodies and references from British officials. Earlier, Hindu organizations had sought permission from the authorities to offer prayers in the mosque. The mosque authorities have already made several appeals to the concerned authorities to save Jamia Masjid from Hindu activists.

The survey of the mosque was demanded

Significantly, the Jamia Masjid, also known as Masjid-e-Ala, is located inside the Srirangapatna Fort. It was built during the rule of Tipu in 1786-87. There are three inscriptions in the mosque, in which the nine names of the Prophet Muhammad are mentioned. On behalf of the Narendra Modi Vichar Manch, a survey of the mosque was demanded from the authorities and it was said that the Jamia Masjid was constructed by demolishing the Hanuman temple.

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