Jharkhand mining scam: ED interrogated Hemant Soren for 9 hours, asked more than 100 questions

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Hemant Soren

The ED on Thursday questioned Chief Minister Hemant Soren for about nine hours in the case of money laundering of Rs 1,000 crore through illegal stone mining in Jharkhand. On ED’s summons, Hemant Soren had reached the ED’s zonal office on Airport Road, Ranchi at 12.05 pm, from where he left at 9.35 pm. After the questioning was over, his wife Kalpana Soren herself reached the ED office to pick him up. Soren may be called for further questioning.

Ede asked 100 questions to the CM of Jharkhand

According to sources, a team of three ED officers asked him about 100 questions. Check books signed by Hemant Soren were found in a raid at the house of Soren’s special representative Pankaj Mishra, already arrested in the illegal mining scam. Soren was asked why he had given the checkbook to Pankaj Mishra.

Checkbook was given to the representative to help the needy

According to sources, Soren said on this that while being in politics, many times the needy have to be personally helped financially. The check book was with his representative for the same purpose. He was also asked whether he was aware of the illegal mining racket running under the patronage of Pankaj Mishra. Whether any complaint about this reached them or not and if it did, did they take any action or not?

CM did not answer many questions

Hemant Soren was also questioned about his relationship with power broker Prem Prakash and businessman Amit Agarwal, arrested in the money laundering case. On the basis of the evidence collected by the ED during the raids in cases of illegal mining, several information was sought from the CM. It is being told that CM did not give any answer to many questions of ED.

Before going to the ED office, the allegations against him were told baseless

Earlier, before leaving for the ED office, the CM had said in a press conference that the allegations leveled against him were baseless. He was summoned as if he was running away from the country. In this country, scamsters have been running away from businessmen, but there is no such example regarding any politician.

ED’s action a conspiracy to destabilize the government: Soren

Hemant Soren had also said that this action is part of a conspiracy to destabilize his government. The allegations leveled against him regarding illegal mining are completely baseless. The ED says that a scam of one thousand crores has taken place through illegal stone mining in just one district, while the entire state does not earn one thousand crore rupees from stone chips in a year.

Thousands of JMM workers gathered in support of Soren

Here, thousands of JMM workers, government ministers, legislators and dozens of party leaders gathered in front of the CM office on Kanke Road throughout the day on Thursday to express their support for CM Hemant Soren. During this, while addressing the workers, Ministers Mithilesh Thakur, Banna Gupta and others said that at the behest of the BJP and the Centre, a conspiracy is being hatched to disturb the Hemant Soren government.

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