Jharkhand News Big allegation of Congress BJP is starting Operation Lotus to topple the Jharkhand government

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  • Congress’s big charge
  • BJP is starting ‘Operation Mudde’ to topple the Jharkhand government
  • Congress suspended its three MLAs

Jharkhand News: The way BJP formed the government with Eknath Shinde in Maharashtra, it has given sleep to the Chief Ministers running non-BJP government in many states. Talking about Jharkhand, there is a government of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, which is supported by Congress. Now Congress has made a big claim saying that BJP wants to topple the elected democratic government in Jharkhand. Congress has even alleged that BJP can bring Operation Lotus in Jharkhand on the lines of Maharashtra. However, Congress leader Pawan Khera has called it Operation Mud instead of Operation Lotus. Actually, all these allegations have been made when three Congress MLAs have recovered huge cash in Howrah.

What is Congress?

On this issue, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said, ‘What kind of tactics does the BJP adopt in the states where it is not able to maintain its power through elections? How do you spend money? How does it abuse government agencies? You will find many examples like this. Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa and now Jharkhand. Every month BJP sets an example of its low level politics. Regarding Operation Lotus, Pawan Khera said that it is not BJP’s Operation Lotus or Kamal but ‘Operation Mudde’.

At the same time, another Congress leader Avinash Pandey said on this, ‘BJP has to understand that the politics of muscle power and money power will not last long. Whatever audacity to insult the people of Jharkhand, it will not be tolerated. He said, ‘Efforts are on to destabilize the elected government of Jharkhand for the last two years. Because of this, constant efforts are being made to destabilize the power by contacting the MLAs there, by terrorizing and alluring them.

Congress suspended its three MLAs

The party has suspended the three MLAs of Jharkhand Congress after a huge amount of cash was recovered from them in Howrah, West Bengal. Jharkhand Congress in-charge Avinash Pandey has informed the media that the MLAs who were caught with cash on Saturday have been suspended with immediate effect. The 3 MLAs who have been suspended by the Congress are Rajesh Kachhap, MLA from Khijri in Ranchi, Naman Vixel, MLA from Kolebira, Kongari Simdega, and Irfan Ansari, MLA.

Let us tell you that in Howrah, West Bengal, these three Congress MLAs were caught with a huge amount of cash. You can guess the excess of the amount from the fact that in order to count it, the police had to ask for a note counting machine. Regarding this matter, a police officer had told that on the basis of an intelligence, the vehicle in which MLAs Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Katchap and Naman Bixal Congri were traveling was stopped on National Highway-16 in Ranihati of Panchla police station area.

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