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  • The alumnus of this school has been ‘reporter’
  • At present the younger brother studies in the same school.
  • The case of Godda in Jharkhand

Jharkhand News: The condition of government schools in India is not hidden from anyone. Somewhere the teachers don’t come to teach and sometimes the students don’t come to study. The buildings of all the schools are in such bad condition that the Department of Archeology can save them. Mid-day meal is also bad. One such school is in Godda district of Jharkhand. And an alumnus of this school opened the door.

There is Mahagama block in Godda district where a young reporter from Khimiyachak has exposed the government school in his area. A former student studying in the same school, playing the role of a ‘reporter’, made a video of the problems of the school. This little reporter used an empty bottle of cold drinks instead of Mike. Due to which 12-year-old Sarfaraz brought the plight of the school to the fore. Whose video is now becoming very viral on social media. In the video, Sarfaraz is roaming around the school telling that there is neither toilet nor drinking water system in the school. Not only this, this ‘little reporter’ also told the arbitrariness of the teachers. Said teachers disappear after taking attendance.

Student’s mother threatened after video went viral

The school teachers got into trouble after the video went viral. After which they went to the student and started threatening the family.

Sarfaraz alleges that after the video surfaced, the school teacher threatened his mother after reaching home. The teacher told him to explain to his son, otherwise he would complain to the police station.

Appeal to the Education Minister of Jharkhand

In the video, Sarfaraz goes to all parts of the school. He goes towards the toilet while making the video. Then questioning the government, he says that what kind of system is this, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is going on, but what is the government doing? Showing the dense grass in the campus, he says that see that there is a forest in the school. He further requests the government and says, “Fix the system of this school. Money comes for the school but repairs are not done. It is quarter past one but see that there is not a single teacher.”

why made the video

When asked the motive behind making the video, Sarfaraz said, ‘When I used to study here, even then the same situation was there, studies do not happen. There was no facility. Now my younger brother studies in this school, so he has made a video and made it viral so that there can be some improvement.

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