Jonestown Mass Suicide: On this day, more than 900 people committed mass suicide at the behest of a religious leader in Guyana, know the story of Jim Jones – Jonestown Mass Suicide after consuming poison story of cult leader jim jones


  • Jim built Jonestown in the jungles of Guyana

  • One cleric caused 914 murders

Home to approximately 118,000 people, Georgetown is one of Guyana’s many cities. It is often called the Garden City of the Caribbean. But the sad thing is that no one wants to remember the name of this city. Because years ago, 909 people committed suicide here and that too on the instigation of a religious leader.

This is the story of that painful day in history, when a religious leader became the reason for 914 murders. Whose name was Jim Jones, he used to call himself God. This incident happened on November 18, 1978 and even today the people of America get scared remembering this day.

what was jim jones after all
Jim Jones was born on May 13, 1931, in Crete, Indiana. Ever since Jim regained consciousness, he considered himself a god. His ideology was of socialism. Slowly he started building his cult. Earlier he was doing his activities in California but when things did not work out here, Jim fled from here and reached Guyana.

It is said that by becoming a cult leader, Jim started the People’s Temple Agricultural Project in 1956. Slowly people started connecting with him and thousands of people became his followers. Jim settled Jonestown in the jungles of Guyana. This place had no contact with other people of the world.

The tragedy of the people of Jonestown
Jim’s cult had grown so much that he started ruling over the people of Jonestown. People left their city impressed by Jim and started living in this town. Thousands of people became residents here in a few years. But they did not know that the place which they consider to be the house of God is no less than hell.

After a long time, the people who had fled from Jonestown narrated their ordeal. It is said that people were made to work throughout the day in Jonestown. No one should run away from this town, it was strictly monitored. By making people’s children a shield, he used to make their parents work. People were hostage here.

news reached america
According to reports, people started trying to run away from the town. And after years somehow two couples escaped from here. He told the US government about the ongoing persecution in Jonestown. On November 17, 1978, the US government sent its MP Leo Ryan to Jonestown for inspection.

It is said that Jim’s wife had driven Ryan around town herself. But during this time someone gave a letter to a representative who came with him, pleading for help. As soon as Jim came to know about this, he got the MP and his team attacked. He manages to escape the town but is killed as soon as he reaches the helicopter.

did mass suicide
Jim had the apprehension of the disturbance in America after the murder of the MP. In such a situation, Jim gathered all the people of the town in the field and threatened them that America was going to attack them. The US government will kill their children. Jim instigated people to drink poison. More than 900 people ended their lives by drinking juice mixed with cyanide.

However, it was later learned that Jim had killed 5 more people on the same day. He forced many people to drink poison. An audio recording of the Jonestown Mass Suicide had come to the fore, listening to which people’s souls were shaken. Of the 909 people who committed suicide or were murdered by Jim, 304 were children. After this, Jim told his partner to shoot himself. This is the most painful story in the history of America.

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