Karnataka Congress accuses BJP government of election theft, Surjewala said – Voter data stolen Karnataka Congress accuses BJP government CM Bommai of voter data theft

Big allegations on Karnataka Congress's Bommai government - India TV Hindi News

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Big allegations on Karnataka Congress’s Bommai government

The Karnataka Congress has made a big allegation against the BJP government. The Congress accused the Basavaraj Bommai government in Karnataka of election theft. Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala said that this government has lost public opinion, that is why it is conspiring to steal voter data. Surjewala said that shocking revelations have shown that people in power, including the Chief Minister of Karnataka, are responsible for voter data theft, fraud.

Instead of voter awareness, voters’ data was collected

Randeep Surjewala said that CM Bommai, his officials, government officials, BBMP (Bengaluru Municipal Corporation) people and state election authority are partners in crime in trampling democracy. He said that the Chief Minister is in charge of BBMP. Its chief commissioner is the returning officer of Bangalore. Chilume Edu Sansthan, a private organization, applied for permission for voter awareness. The Bangalore Metropolitan Corporation entrusted the work of voter awareness campaign to this NGO. Surjewala further said that after getting permission for this, these people fraudulently collected voter data by posing as booth level officers.

NGO gave fake ID cards to its officials
Congress has alleged that this NGO has done the work of collecting voters’ data instead of voter awareness. For this, the NGO made its field officers fake ID cards of block level officers and these people took all the information of the voters. Surjewala said during a press conference that the CM, the BJP-controlled BBMP and the election authority worked together.

Voter data uploaded on a private app
The Congress alleged that BLO cards were also issued to these people. This NGO did not upload voters’ data on Garuda – ECI app – but on Digital Samiksha – a private company owned app which is used by MPs/MLAs/Political parties. Karnataka Congress will now file an FIR against the CM and BBMP officials in this matter. Along with Basavaraj Bommai being the Chief Minister, the BBMP department also comes under him.

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