Karnataka Hijab Controversy Muslim organizations have taken this step to make girls wear hijab in private colleges. Muslim organizations’ new approach to make girls wear hijab in private colleges

Karnataka Hijab Controversy- India TV Hindi News
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Karnataka Hijab Controversy

Karnataka Hijab Controversy: Issues have started being prepared for the Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 in Karnataka. Perhaps this is the reason that once again the Hijab Controversy has started coming in the discussion. The reason for this is that Muslim organizations from the southern districts of Karnataka have given applications to open 13 new private colleges in the state, the specialty of these colleges will be that there will be no restriction on wearing hijab here. It is worth noting that at this time wearing hijab is banned in all government educational institutions of the state. In such a situation, the opening of new colleges and giving permission to wear hijab in it is going to give rise to a new politics and controversy.

Minority organizations have never given so many applications before

Media reports say that minority organizations never applied for opening such a large number of private colleges in the past. Even minority organizations have not made a single application in the last 5 years. In such a situation, the creation of new colleges only to give permission to wear hijab can heat up this controversy again. It is worth noting that earlier when the hijab controversy had heated up, many minority girls refused to take the exam.

Private schools have got this exemption

Private schools in Karnataka have been given the freedom to decide the dress code according to their own. However, the previous government (Congress) in Karnataka had made the dress code mandatory for government educational institutions. In such a situation, if the ban on hijab is to be removed, then Muslim organizations are making a strategy to open private educational institutions because in that they can give the freedom whether to wear hijab or not. In this case, officials say that if these educational institutions are meeting the set standards, then they will be allowed to open.

What is the stand of High Court and Supreme Court on Hijab controversy

When the hijab controversy started taking a violent form in Karnataka, the High Court dismissed the petition seeking permission to wear hijab in schools and colleges. After this, the Supreme Court also refused to hear the matter.

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