Karnataka News BJP MLA reprimands woman detained for asking questions

File Photo Of BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali- India TV Hindi News
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File Photo Of BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali


  • Arvind Limbawali doesn’t deserve MLA: Congress
  • “BJP government should not remain in power in the state”

Karnataka News: Senior BJP MLA from Karnataka Arvind Limbavali has allegedly reprimanded a woman who was trying to question and file an application regarding encroachment on a land in the city. The video of the alleged incident has gone viral. The opposition Congress has targeted the BJP government of the state over the video clip. Karnataka Congress President DK Shivakumar on Saturday condemned Limbavali’s behaviour, saying he does not deserve an MLA.

Request was made to see the complaint letter

Shivakumar said that the BJP government should not remain in power in the state. The alleged incident took place on Friday when the BJP MLA was visiting parts of his constituency where heavy rains caused heavy water logging last week. According to the information, during this time the woman contacted Limbawali and requested to see the complaint letter regarding encroachment on land in Mahadevapura constituency.

What did the MLA say to the woman?

In the video, the MLA is seen rebuking the woman and asking the police to take her away. When the woman asked to speak properly, he reportedly said that there was nothing to talk to her as she was ‘about to trespass’. On the instructions of the MLA, two women policemen took the woman to the police station. It is worth noting that a few months back, Limbawali’s daughter was also caught on camera allegedly abusing and threatening policemen when she was stopped for speeding.

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