Karnataka News Suspected patient of monkeypox found in Karnataka got this disease, came from Ethiopia to Bangalore

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Hospital Checkup

Karnataka News: Suspected foreign patient of monkeypox found in Karnataka has been found to be suffering from chickenpox. The Karnataka government has clarified that the foreigner does not have monkeypox. However, in the meantime, suspected patients arriving at Bangalore International Airport from countries affected by monkeypox are being investigated. State Health Commissioner P. Randeep said in a statement that the Ethiopian citizen is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). He reached Bangalore from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, on 4 July. He was admitted to the local Aster CMI Hospital for kidney transplant.

The test was done after showing symptoms like monkeypox

The patient, who came from Ethiopia, was found to have monkeypox-like symptoms earlier this month. Thereafter, he was medically examined. This investigation report revealed that he had chickenpox, not monkeypox. The Medical Minister of Karnataka has made it clear in the statement that the person does not have monkeypox. Meanwhile, keeping an eye on every person with symptoms of monkeypox, arrangements have been made for strict medical check-up at the Kerala border to keep a watch on such persons. Because monkeypox virus has been found in three people in Kerala. Health Commissioner Randeep said that the citizen who came to Bengaluru for treatment from Ethiopia is suffering from kidney disease. On July 25, a rash appeared on his left hand and it was itching. Then it started spreading all over his body. On this his blood sample was sent to the lab of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. It was found to have chickenpox instead of monkeypox.

Earlier the state health department had said that a person with symptoms of monkeypox infection has been kept in quarantine at a private hospital here. The suspected patient is a citizen of Ethiopia. Health department officials had said that the person’s sample has been sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune for confirmation. The African national was kept in quarantine at the hospital, where he was admitted for treatment of other ailments including kidney problems.

Monkeypox deaths are negligible

Meanwhile, Union Health Minister K. Sudhakar said that people need not panic as it is not a deadly disease. He said that there is no need to panic about monkeypox. However, we need to take some precautionary measures. Even if it happens (monkeypox infection), then its treatment is available. It does not cause death. The chance of death is very low.

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