Keep taking micro breaks in between work, your work productivity will also get a boost, research revealed


  • 2 thousand people were included

  • Take a break for yourself

Have you ever taken a short break in between work? If not taken then it is better that you take a short break. According to a scientific research, a short work break of 10 minutes helps in increasing your energy. Researchers have found that micro-breaks can be a great help in reducing fatigue and boosting your energy.

Take a break for yourself

According to research, micro-breaks protect you from stress. This research has been published in the journal PLOS One. It read, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution often talks about the need for people to strike a balance between self-care and work. By not taking breaks, ideas don’t flow and you end up making more mistakes at work.” Huh.

2 thousand people were included

Actually, 2,335 people were included in this research. With this data from 22 different studies were analyzed. The participants were subjected to a typing memory test, physical activity, watching movies, and a self-reported assessment. In this it was seen how energetic they are and how tired they are.

What came out in the research?

The research revealed that 64 percent of the participants who took micro-breaks scored higher than the control group. It was concluded that breaks from work can boost your performance. This has a direct effect on your work and you are able to do more productive work.

The researchers also said that the study also has its limitations. As of now, whatever experimental data we have on micro-brake is dependent on these research. Now more research is needed in this.

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