Kerala man kills leopard to save own life in Idukki | Leopard made the biggest mistake of life by attacking a tribal man, was killed

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Idukki: In India, there is often news of the loss of lives of cattle and sometimes humans due to leopard attacks. It has also happened many times that the leopard has entered the residential areas and has attacked and injured people. However, attacking a person in Kerala was overshadowed by a leopard. According to reports, a tribal man attacked a leopard with a weapon during self-defence on Saturday morning in the dense forests of Mankulam in Idukki district of Kerala.

‘Leopard died on the spot due to deep wound’

Giving information about this, a senior forest department official said that the leopard died on the spot due to a deep wound on its neck. He told that the tribal man Gopalan has been admitted to a nearby hospital due to his injuries. “The person has also been injured,” the officer said. He has a broken arm and several other deep wounds. He has been admitted to the hospital.

‘Gopalan killed the leopard with a sickle’
The official said that in the information received so far, it has been learned that Gopalan has killed the leopard in self-defense, so no case has been registered. Mankulam district forest officer said, “No case has been registered so far. But we will discuss this matter with senior officers. Local people said that Gopalan was going to the ground near his house in Chingnamkudi Colony when the leopard attacked him during that time. People told that after this Gopalan attacked the wild creature with a sickle in self-defense.

Leopard had already hunted many cattle
Quoting local people, he said that the leopard was lying on the roadside and seeing Gopalan passing by, attacked him and he had to take up arms in self-defence. People took Gopalan to the taluk hospital. It is being told that in recent days there was terror of leopard in the area and it had made many cattle its prey. The forest department employees have removed the carcass of the leopard from there.

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