Kerala News Continuous killing of pigs in Kannur Kerala 95 pigs killed on Tuesday know what is the reason. Continuous killing of pigs in Kannur, Kerala, 95 pigs killed on Tuesday, know the reason

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  • Cases of killing of pigs increase in Kannur, Kerala
  • Pigs getting killed due to ‘African Swine Fever’
  • The work of killing and burying pigs is also going on

Kerala News: Pigs are being continuously killed in Kannur, Kerala. Not only this, the faster the work of killing the pigs is being done, the faster they are being buried. Actually this is being done in view of the recently found cases of ‘African Swine Fever’. Pigs are being killed and buried at a local farm in Kanichara Panchayat in Kannur district of Kerala. According to official sources, at least 95 pigs were killed and buried in the form on Tuesday, taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease and following all mandatory procedures.

Instructions for killing and burying 273 pigs

According to officials, pigs of another form, located within a kilometer radius of this form, are to be killed under the supervision of the action force on Wednesday. Officers of the District Animal Husbandry Department are also included in this action force. In fact, in the wake of cases of ‘African Swine Fever’ coming to the fore, the District Magistrate of Kannur had directed to kill and bury 273 pigs of both the forms.

More than 300 pigs have been killed

The process of killing the pigs was completed on Tuesday under the leadership of veterinarians Girish, Prashant, Amita and Rinsi. According to an official statement, in view of the danger of infection, orders have been given to monitor the form of pigs located within a radius of 10 km. A week ago, over 300 pigs were killed in Wayanad district to check the spread of ‘African Swine Fever’.

After this, new cases of infection have been reported from Wayanad and Kannur districts. Significantly, Kerala had tightened bio-security measures in July after the Center alerted it. The Center had alerted several states in the wake of cases of ‘African Swine Fever’ being found in Bihar and some northeastern states. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), ‘African Swine Fever’ is a highly contagious and fatal viral disease spread in pigs.

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