Kerala News High Court said increasing number of divorcees is a threat to our society, youth trapped in the web of live-in relationship

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  • Marital relations affected by consumer culture of ‘use and throw’: Court
  • Live-in relationships and divorce on the basis of petty or selfishness are increasing: Court
  • Increasing number of divorcees is a threat to our society: Court

Kerala News: The High Court recently observed that matrimonial relations in Kerala seem to be influenced by a consumer culture of ‘use and throw’ and ‘live-in’ relationships and choose to seek divorce on the grounds of petty or selfishness. This is proved by the increase. The court observed that the younger generation clearly sees marriage as an evil which should be avoided in order to enjoy a life of freedom without obligations. A bench of Justices A Mohamed Mustaq and Sophie Thomas said, “They (younger generation) use the term ‘wife’ (wife) instead of the old concept of ‘Wise Investment for Ever’ as ‘Worry Invited’. Four Ever’ (Forever Invited Concern). When men and women live in the same house as husband and wife without getting married, it is called a ‘live-in’ relationship.

divorce petition dismissed

The court, while rejecting the divorce petition of a man who left his wife and three daughters after nine years of marital relations on account of alleged love affairs with another woman, observed that Kerala, once known as the ‘Land of God’, was once family ties. He was known for his strong wits. The court said, “But it appears that the breaking of marital bond due to petty or selfish reasons or for extramarital affairs, even without caring for one’s own children, has become the prevailing practice.” “Couples who want to break up, children abandoned (by parents) and desperate divorcees form the majority of our population, this will undoubtedly adversely affect the peace of our social life and our society. The bench said that since ancient times, marriage was considered a “sacrament” which is considered sacred and is seen as the foundation of a strong society.

Courts do not help the wrongdoer – Court

It said, “There is no empty ceremony granting license for the fulfillment of sexual desires of the marriage parties.” While dismissing the husband’s petition for divorce, the court observed that “the courts are fully engaged in helping the erring person.” The bench said that if a man is having an extramarital affair and wants to end the relationship with his wife and children, he can seek to legalize his unholy relationship or the present relationship with the courts. Can’t get help.

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