Kidnapping and begging mafia gang blinded the person, begged by cutting hands and feet. kanpur man sold to beggar gang painful incident

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Kidnapping and begging mafia gang blinded the young man

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh): of Uttar Pradesh Kanpur A heart-wrenching case has come to the fore, where 6 months ago a begging gang kidnapped a young man, made him blind through injection and then forced him to beg by cutting off his hands and toes. But when the man’s condition deteriorated day by day, and begging was not enough for him, the gang threw him near a slum, where he lay unconscious for a long time. When the police saw him, he was admitted to the hospital.

The young man wept bitterly while narrating his ordeal

Suresh Manjhi, a 24-year-old daily wage laborer, burst into tears while narrating his ordeal. He said, I had to become a victim of heinous crimes. They drugged me and then injected a chemical in the eye to make me blind. They cut off my hands and toes. Manjhi is a daily wage laborer of Yashoda Nagar slum cluster.

Used to get only 2 roti in a day so as to remain thin
Manjhi said, the gang sold me to a woman for Rs 70,000. Later, I was taken to Delhi in Gorakhdham Express by a person named Raj, where I was begged. He used to give me and other beggars only two loaves of bread a day so that we would remain thin and people would have pity on us. They used to harass me everyday and keep injecting something in my body. Manjhi said, then I got the infection and was unable to beg. After which I was sent back to Kanpur in a train. The gang tried to sell me once again, but after a few failed attempts, they threw me on the road, where I lay unconscious for a few days. Finally, the police took me to the hospital and escorted me to my family.

Notorious gang will be busted
Kanpur Police Commissioner B.P. Jogdand told reporters, “Manjhi has suffered a lot. We are making all efforts to bust this notorious gang. A case has been registered against unknown accused under relevant sections of IPC. DCP Kanpur Dakshin Pramod Kumar said, Manjhi has given us the names of the accused. Police are trying to trace their identity and their addresses.

179 children went missing in 2022
Meanwhile, according to police figures, 179 children have gone missing this year (till October) alone. Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU) in-charge Suraj Chauhan said, 46 of these children, who had fled their homes in anger with their parents, have returned. Police were able to trace 111 others, however, the search for 22 others is on.

SJPU was established in 2012 to investigate cases of missing children (below 18 years) in all districts. Police figures show that in the last seven years, 43 boys and 59 girls under the age of 16, who went missing from different parts of the state under mysterious circumstances, are still untraceable. According to officials, some of these cases may be involved in human trafficking rackets.

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