Kishore Kumar had done four marriages, one Muslim was made for one and one was 21 years younger

Happy Birthday Kishore Kumar- India TV Hindi News
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Happy Birthday Kishore Kumar


  • Today is Kishore Kumar’s birthday
  • Kishore Kumar has sung 16 thousand songs

Kishore Kumar Birth Anniversary: As soon as the name of Hindi cinema comes, some voices start resonating in the minds of people. One of these voices is also such a voice, without which even today every party remains incomplete. That magical voice is that of Kishore Kumar, whose voice even after years of leaving this world seems to be the call of every young heart. Today is the birthday of Kishore Kumar, the magician of voice, actor, screenwriter, director and filmmaker. Born on August 4, 1929 (Kishore Kumar Birth Anniversary) Kishore Kumar’s life also passed in a different way like his voice. Let us know some things related to his life.

This was Kishore Kumar’s real name

Born in a Bengali family living in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, Kishore Kumar’s real name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly. Kishore Kumar became a singer and actor after being influenced by his elder brother and the superstar of that era, Ashok Kumar i.e. Dada Muni. When he reached Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, people knew and loved him from Kishore Kumar. In fact, when Kishore Kumar made his debut as a singer with the film ‘Ziddi’ in the year 1948, people felt that his name should also be similar to Ashok Kumar. Hence he was given this name.

First marriage at the age of just 21

As much as Kishore Kumar remained in the headlines due to his singing and cool nature, his personal life also attracted the attention of the people. At the age of just 21, Kishore Kumar’s first marriage was with Ruma Devi on the wishes of the family. But this marriage was not successful, Ruma lived with her family in Kolkata and Kishore focused on his career in Mumbai. Bollywood singer Amit Kumar is the son of this couple.

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Muslim made to marry Madhubala

Kishore’s second marriage was with Madhubala, the most beautiful and successful actress of that era of Bollywood. Kishore Kumar’s elder brother Ashok Kumar was also not ready for this marriage, but after revolting, Kishore Kumar expelled from Madhubala. He also changed his religion and name for this marriage. Kishore Kumar changed his name to ‘Kareem Abdul’ while adopting Islam. But due to Madhubala’s long illness and early death, the couple also broke up.

Married to Yogita Bali

Kishore Kumar also did not give up trying to find love in his life. A few years after Madhubala’s passing, he thought of settling down again and took seven rounds with actress Yogita Bali in the year 1976. But alas, this marriage broke up in just 2 years.

Married to 21 year younger Leena

After this, in the year 1980, he married Kishore Kumar, the fourth and last of his life, to actress Leena Chandravarkar. Lena was also single in her life and was widowed at the age of 25. She lived with her brother. At the same time, Kishore Kumar was also alone, both of them met on a shooting, after which Kishore proposed Leena and both decided to get married. Leena was 21 years younger than Kishore Kumar. Leena and Kishore Kumar have a son named Sumit Kumar.

sung 16 thousand songs

You will be surprised to know that Kishore Kumar sang 16 thousand film songs in his life. Not only this, he was honored with Filmfare Award 8 times for his songs and acting. Kishore Kumar was the most expensive singer from 1970 to 1987. Kishore Kumar is the only singer whose singing, songs and live concerts were banned at one time.

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