Korean Web Series: Indian serial’s mother-in-law’s drama has made you bored, so watch these best Korean shows

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Korean Web Series


  • Korean shows getting hit in India
  • ‘Squid Game’ was a super hit in the year 2021
  • ‘Crash landing on you’ show became the choice of youth

Korean Web Series: Indian TV shows are still not out of the Saas Bahu drama. Even now in these shows the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are seen plotting for each other. If you too are bored of watching these shows and are now looking for something new and refreshing to watch, then turn yourself to the OTT platform. These days the popularity and demand of Korean series in India is increasing a lot. This is the reason why now Korean content is being made available in Hindi language in India. Be it comedy or romance, sci-fi or horror Korean drama has enchanted people. In such a situation, Korean drama can be a good option for you. So now you too stop the boredom of Indian shows and watch these popular series of Korea and thank us later.

crash landing on you

The story of this series is the story of the love of South Korean rich girl Yoon-se-ri and North Korean soldier Lee Joon-hyo. A girl named Yoon Seri lands in North Korea due to strong wind during paragliding. Where he meets Captain Lee Joon-huo. After which there are many ups and downs in his life. In the end both of them fall in love with each other. In this series, an attempt has been made to show that people may be divided on borders, but they have the same heart.

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squid game

The Korean web series Squid Game was a big hit in the year 2021. The story of this series is very interesting. In the story of this show, people are dragged into the chess of death without their consent and then given a chance to get out, but you can’t get out. People who like Korean drama must watch this.

it’s ok to not be ok

‘It’s OK to Not Be OK’ is a South Korean romance drama. The series depicts the story of a boy who takes care of his mentally ill brother. Also, the story of Fairy Tail has been presented very beautifully in this show.

flower of evil

If you are looking for some new web series, then you can watch Flower of Evil drama. The story of this series is of a murdered husband, whose wife is a police officer. During a case, the secret of his past is revealed.


In the story of this series, the actor is the CEO of an IT firm. The series featured the lead actor as an arrogant person who does not remember people’s faces. But life takes a new turn when he meets a girl named Kim Bora, who reminds him of his first love.

start up

Start up web series is based on love triangle. The story of this series is shown on Startup Business. This series is about the story of four friends who want to start their own startup. You can watch it on Netflix in Hindi.


Penthouse web series is based on the battle of power and money. The story of the people of Hera Palace is shown in this series. There are many secrets and hidden ambitions in this luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors, which are brought to the audience one after the other in the series. You can watch this drama in Hindi on Netflix and MX Player.

all of us are dead

If you do not want to watch romantic dramas, then this horror web series is perfect for you. You will definitely like this horror series based on South Korea’s zombie. The story of the film starts with zombies from school, after which the zombies spread throughout the city. This drama is available in Hindi on Netflix.

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