Kumar Karthikeya After nine years and three months the player met his mother see what he wrote

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Kumar Karthikeya


  • Kumar Karthikeya was seen playing for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2022
  • Mumbai Indians replaced Kumar Karthikeya in the team in place of Arshad Khan.
  • Kumar Karthikeya joined Mumbai at a base price of Rs 20 lakh, also performed

Kumar Karthikeya : At this time Indian cricketers are playing cricket continuously. Neither they get proper rest time nor are they able to meet their family. Although the big players of Team India keep taking rest in between, but the young players who are trying to make their place in the team, they reach to play wherever they get a chance. But the question is that for how many days a player will not be able to meet his family or mother, it is difficult to guess. You will be surprised to know that Kumar Karthikeya, who was the player of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2022, has met his mother after about nine years and three months, this has been disclosed by Kumar Karthikeya himself.

Kumar Karthikeya posted a picture with his mother on Twitter

Kumar Karthikeya posted a picture with his mother on his Twitter and wrote in it that after meeting his family and mother after nine years three months, can’t express his feelings at this time. Kumar Karthikeya made this post on August 3 and as soon as it was posted, there was a flurry of likes and shares. In no time, thousands of likes have come on this post and people are also commenting and retweeting a lot on it. Kumar Karthikeya was playing for Mumbai Indians in this year’s IPL. Kumar Karthikeya was first sold in the IPL and was picked up by Mumbai Indians for around Rs 20 lakh. Actually he was not sold in the auction, Arshad Khan was taken by Mumbai Indians in the auction, but he got injured and after that he was included in his team in the middle IPL. Not only this, he also got a chance to play for his team and he also took five wickets in four matches.

Kumar Karthikeya was also included in the team of Madhya Pradesh that won the Ranji Trophy
After IPL, Kumar Karthikeya was also seen playing in Ranji, he was playing for Madhya Pradesh and his team reached the final. After the IPL, he also performed well in Ranji and the team of Madhya Pradesh also won the IPL title for the first time. Kumar Karthikeya had also said in the past that he has not gone to his house for nine years. He had said that he would not go to his home until he achieved success in his cricketing career. Now Kumar Karthikeya has earned some name in the world of cricket, so returned to his home and met his family members.

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