Lab grown blood developed by scientists, will help in curing other diseases and transplant


  • British clinical trial has been studied

  • With its help many people can be helped

Research is being done continuously in the world of science. Some of these are also such research which could not have been predicted even a few years ago. Lab-grown blood is also one of these with the help of science in the lab. Now to check this, transfusion of this blood sample made in the lab has been done in the human body. This is an achievement made by the British clinical trial which is being appreciated all over the world.

This study has been done by the UK’s National Health Service and scientists from Cambridge and Bristol Universities. They are currently working to compare the blood made in the lab and the blood taken from the donor.

Is this safe?

Manufactured blood cells derived from donor’s stem cells. He has been transfused into two people so far. Scientists said that this is the first time that a blood cell made in the lab has been inserted into the body of a person who is not a donor of those cells. In this, about one to two teaspoons, or 5 to 10 milliliters, of blood made in the lab were transfused. Let us tell you, in normal blood transfusion, more blood is given to the patients than this.

What’s better than “real” blood?

Blood transfusion can sometimes save lives. It is used in different circumstances. Such as for the treatment of people with cancer or sickle cell disease or in a serious accident. Experts said about this that these new blood cells have recently been made in the lab. Whereas the blood which is directly transplanted in people is being made inside the person for many years. No side effects were seen in people who had this transfusion. However, more trials are yet to be done.

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