Land acquisition process for second phase of Noida airport begins, farmers will get compensation soon

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The process of land acquisition for the second phase of Noida airport has started. The district administration has written to the Uttar Pradesh government to allow acquisition of 1,365 hectares of land. The process of acquisition will start as soon as permission is received from the government. So far, more than 75 percent farmers have given their consent for the acquisition. District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar Suhas LY said that the consent of the farmers has been received as per the norms for land acquisition. He said that Section 11 would be published by next week regarding the acquisition process and other problems of the farmers would be resolved by disbursing compensation as soon as possible.

What is the deadlock between the farmers and the authority?

After the acquisition of land by the district administration, the Yamuna Authority will start work on the airport. However, there is a standoff between the farmers and the authority over where to relocate the villages falling within the acquisition zone. According to officials, in the second phase, cargo will be built on the acquired land to repair ships and carry goods.

In this phase the land of these villages will be acquired

In this phase, the land of Ranhera, Kurab, Nagla Hukam Singh, Nagla Sharif, Mudhar, Birampur and Dayanatpur villages will be acquired. The first phase of land acquisition for Noida airport has been completed. Under this, 3,075 farmer families from seven villages have been settled in Jewar Bangar.

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