Leaving a wonderful job and started flower farming, now earning in lakhs from one crop. Leaving a wonderful job and started flower farming, now earning in lakhs from one crop

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  • Leaving the job, started the cultivation of marigold flowers in the village
  • It is not necessary to go to urban areas to earn livelihood.
  • My income doubled from flower cultivation – Balak Ram Nautiyal

Uttrakhand News: Ram Nautiyal, a boy from Uttarakhand, left his job at Jolly Grant airport in 2018 and started cultivating marigold flowers in his native village. Now he is earning lakhs in one crop from this farming. When Nautiyal left his city job to return to his village and take up farming, he was not convinced that his decision was the right one. Now four years later, he has no regrets about it. People of Uttarkashi used to come to Rishikesh and Dehradun to buy flowers for pre-weddings, public functions or religious rituals, but now they get flowers only in their own district.

Commercial farming can be done on mountains too, Nautiyal has proved it.

29-year-old Nautiyal had returned from his beautiful village Tulyada job located in Chinyalisaud block. He told that at that time his main intention was to help his aging parents in the village but now floriculture has become his full time business. Yamunotri MLA Sanjay Doval says, ‘Look at his success. The people of Uttarkashi are now questioning the age-old belief that it is necessary to move to urban areas to earn a living. The MLA said that many types of flowers grow on the hills of Uttarakhand but their commercial cultivation was never an option to earn livelihood for the people living on the hills. However, Nautiyal has proved that it is possible. At a time when the continuous migration from the mountains of Uttarakhand and the declining population in the villages is a cause of concern for the administration and the government, they can present the success story of Nautiyal to the people who have migrated from here.

Tried first in vegetable cultivation and then in floriculture

Returning to the village, Nautiyal first sowed tomatoes, brinjals, cucumbers and lemons in his field and his harvest was so great that he decided to look for opportunities in horticulture. Nautiyal’s vegetables and fruits have always been in great demand in the local market, but it caught the attention of the authorities when his aloe vera juices came to the shops. On Nautiyal’s insistence, the officials set up a polyhouse for him and arranged for a compost pit. Nautiyal started growing flowers a year ago and earned a good income from it in the very first season. He then grew marigold flowers on one hectare, doubling the land to half a hectare, and now there is a demand for the flowers of the Natiyal in all the festive seasons and celebrations. People of Uttarkashi district come to buy Nautiyal flowers as they are cheap as well as fresh. Flowers sold at Rs 70-90 per kg in Dehradun and Rishikesh are available only at Rs 50-60 per kg in Tulyada.

Will give employment to the youth of the village – Balak Ram Nautiyal

Pankaj Nautiyal, officer of Vivekananda Hill Agricultural Research Institute said that Balak Ram Nautiyal is a progressive young farmer who is earning good profits from farming. Instead of growing wheat and rice, its emphasis is on growing flowers and medicinal plants. Nautiyal hopes that now in his industrial business, he will be able to give employment to many youths of his villages. He said that I started growing marigolds and my income doubled. The demand for my flowers is increasing in the market. I am sure that soon I will be able to give employment to many youth of my village.

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