Lok Sabha Sonia Gandhi and Smriti Irani heated exchange of words, know what is the whole matter

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Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha There is news of a scuffle between Sonia Gandhi and Union Minister Smriti Irani amid heavy uproar in the Lok Sabha. According to information received from sources, when Sonia Gandhi was talking to Rama Devi, who was present in the speaker’s chair, Smriti Irani reached there at the same time. After which both had an argument. Gaurav Gogoi and Congress leader Bittu were also present along with Sonia Gandhi. According to sources, Sonia Gandhi was telling Rama Devi that why is my name being taken? At the same time, Smriti reached Iran and she said – ‘Maam May I help you’. I took your name On this, Sonia Gandhi said- Don’t talk to me… Meanwhile, the MPs of both the parties reached there and sloganeering started. Then Gaurav Gogoi and Supriya Sule intervened.

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