Love Story of surat pan wala and philippines woman to get married


  • Facebook love story

  • Both will get married on November 20

There is hardly anything in this world greater than love and when love flourishes then the whole world is on one side and the loved ones on one side. A similar story of love has come to the fore in Surat, Gujarat. Today we are telling you about the love-story of a physically challenged man running a paan shop in Surat and a woman living in the Philippines.

Facebook love story
This is the story of Kalpesh Madhavji Bhai Kachhadia of Surat and Rebecca of Philippines. The friendship of both happened on Facebook in the year 2017 and gradually that friendship turned into love. The love born on Facebook grew so much that now both are going to get married.

Let us tell you that 43-year-old Kalpesh Madhavji Bhai Kachhadia is physically handicapped. That’s why he earns his living by running a small paan shop. People here also call Kalpesh Madhavji Bhai Kachhadia by the name of Collector. His small paan shop is crowded with customers.

Google Translate made Sahara
Kalpesh explains that to talk on Facebook chatting, he and Rebecca took the help of Google Translate. Kalpeshko did not know the language of the Philippines and Rebecca did not know Hindi or English. In such a situation, Google Translate was the only support between the two to understand and explain.

Kalpesh told 42-year-old Rebecca everything about his physical condition through a video. Despite this, Rebecca agreed to marry Kalpesh. On 21 March 2019, Rebecca was about to come to India to meet Kalpesh. But due to the lockdown that started in India due to Corona on 24 March, she could not come to India.

Both will get married on November 20
Being physically handicapped, no one was ready to marry Kalpesh. But now Rebecca, a resident of Philippines, has reached Surat to marry him. On 20 November 2022, both will tie the knot with each other in Surat. Rebecca is trying to blend in with Kalpesh’s family.

Let us tell you that Rebecca’s husband, a resident of Coronadal City, Philippines, died in a road accident 12 years ago. She was 7 months pregnant at the time and has an 11-year-old son, Juri, who is living in the Philippines with other family members. After the death of her husband, Rebecca was looking for a life partner, which ended at Kalpesh Bhai Kachhadia.

(Reporting by Sanjay Singh Rathore)

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