Lumpy Skin Disease This infectious disease from Pakistan wreaking havoc on cows died more than 1200. This infectious disease from Pakistan wreaking havoc on Indian cows, more than 1200 died

Lumpy Skin Disease- India TV Hindi News
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Lumpy Skin Disease


  • Death of cows due to incurable skin disease lumpi
  • More than 1200 cows died in Rajasthan in about 3 months
  • 254 cattle died in 2 weeks in Jodhpur

Lumpy Skin Disease: A serious infectious disease is wreaking havoc on cows in Rajasthan. Hundreds of cows have died due to this disease and thousands of cows are infected. The name of this incurable skin disease is lumpi and it is spreading rapidly in cattle. In Rajasthan, more than 1200 cows have died in about 3 months and about 25 thousand cattle have been found infected with it. There is no effective treatment available for this disease, due to which it is increasingly targeting cattle.

Cow rearers are suffering because of this disease as their cattle are dying and they are getting harmed. In this case, officials say that this infectious disease called nodular skin disease virus (LSDV) or lumpi disease has come to India via Pakistan in April this year.

254 cattle died in 2 weeks in Jodhpur

After the occurrence of this disease, the Animal Husbandry Department in Rajasthan has taken rapid steps and different teams have been sent to the affected areas. Isolation of sick animals has been advised. Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Kailash Chaudhary, while accepting the death of a large number of cows due to the disease, has said that the Central Government will take necessary steps for treatment based on the recommendations of the Central Scientific Team.

Recently a central team had visited the affected area. The havoc of this disease on livestock can be gauged from the fact that in Jodhpur district alone, 254 cattle have lost their lives due to this disease in the last two weeks. Arvind Jaitley, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department, says that initially this disease was seen in the border districts like Jaisalmer and Barmer of the state, but very fast it has spread to Jodhpur, Jalore, Nagaur, Bikaner, Hanumangarh and other districts. Our teams are already working in the affected areas.

This disease was revealed in Africa

Officials of the Animal Husbandry Department said that the initial cases of this disease were reported in Africa, then it targeted Pakistan and then its cases appeared in India. Jaitley said that the disease is mainly affecting the cows, especially the indigenous breed cows and so far around 25,000 cows have been affected.

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