Madhubala Biopic: Controversy erupts over Film legal action to be taken against makers

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  • ruckus over madhubala biopic
  • Actress’s sister is going to take help of law
  • The statement came after the announcement of the biopic

Madhubala Biopic: Recently, there was news that the most powerful and beautiful actress of Hindi cinema Madhubala’s biopic is going to be made. Information about the casting and script of the film was also coming out. But in the meantime, this project now seems to be surrounded by controversies. Because Madhubala’s sister Madhur Brij Bhushan has expressed displeasure and has spoken of taking legal action against the film makers.

What did Madhubala’s sister say?

Actually, Madhur Brij Bhushan has given a statement regarding the rumors on this issue. She says, “I have come to know that some people are doing mischief when it comes to any film/webseries etc. on my sister’s life. In such a situation, I will leave no stone unturned to take strictest legal action against these people. ” Let us tell you that Madhur’s company, Madhubala Ventures Pvt Ltd is also preparing to co-produce a biopic with a big studio.

Misuse of real life story

At the same time, Madhur also revealed that he, his team members as well as his lawyers have decided to initiate some legal process against certain individuals, firms. According to Madhur she is going to take action against those who have misused the rights of Madhubala’s life story.

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Appeal to industry people

Madhur Brij Bhushan has appealed to all Bollywood actors, producers and others not to be a part of any project related to Madhubala, which has not been authorized till now. She further says, “I request that no actor, studio, producer or any talent should be involved in any project which is not expressly authorized by my side. Because it is legal of my family. And there will be a violation of emotional rights.”

getting upset again and again

Madhur said, “Time and again, I am pleading people against illegally using my sister’s life story rights because ideally, I don’t want to take the legal route against anyone, especially since my sisters and I Now I am old and a senior citizen. But if need be, I will work legally and will not shy away from protecting what we are entitled to.”

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I want to pay tribute to my sister

Madhur wants to pay the most beautiful tribute to her sister. She said, “We all feel that the time has come for us to tell the beautiful story of Madhubala to the whole world. She started working as a kid and then became the Venus of Indian cinema. It’s me and my whole.” It’s a very emotional time for the family. My team and I look forward to making a really beautiful, sensitive film with some of the best talent in the film industry. We wish you all the best.”

It is worth noting that this statement of Madhur has come after Bollywood producer Tutu Sharma announced to make a film on Madhubala’s life.

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