Maitreya Sanstha, which is making a place in all the states of the country including Maharashtra and Punjab, Dadashri told its purpose. Maitreya organization is making place in all the states of the country

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Maitreya Dadashri

Maitreya Sanstha is making a place in all the states of the country including Maharashtra and Punjab. Lakhs of people are joining this organization and becoming a part of this family. The Maitreya family was started by Dadashriji in the year 2013. He believes that the spirit of cooperation should be awakened among the youth and the spirit of cleanliness and awareness should be awakened across the country. The purpose of this family is to remove sufferings from life. In the initiative of Worldwide Transformation with Natural Beauty, Maitreya Dadashriji says that love and peace will be experienced through love, care and selflessness.

Dadashri told the purpose of change

Dadashri told that this is a change to remove the illusions that are within us from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth. He said that knowledge is that which does not live by speaking, but with ease. We are meeting all those who have pure spirit and have to bring them all together for the progress of the country. If everyone joins then this change will happen.

He said that we have 2 options, either let what is going on, or do something good. You have to move towards progress by removing the shortcomings from within you. The message of change for him is the Maitreya family.

Country needs new spiritual energy: Dadashri

Dadashri said that you must be feeling that something is changing. There is a difference between your mind 15 years ago and your mind today. If you are unhappy and your work is not being done, then you should see if you are working with the old mind. There is a need for new spiritual energy in the country today. Take a vow that you will remain awake for the truth. You have to start yourself. If you want to achieve big then you have to do something different. Have to go one step further.

He said that when you grow, nature and God will help you. God has decided that whatever has been achieved till now, now nature will do it. You have to walk with God. Let us all be ready for that truth.

Human body is not found soon: Dadashri

Dadashri said that you all believe in great saints like Lord Buddha, Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak Dev. Have you experienced their characteristics? What is it that they got but you didn’t? You have to walk towards that truth. You can earn name and property while living in this body but have you ever thought what you are doing in life. Those who got all this, were they satisfied?

Dadashri said that human body is not found soon. You get oxygen free, the boss is keeping you alive. Have they experienced something that we are not able to do? where is the truth? Is he in caves and forests? It’s not like this. God is everywhere. is with everyone. There is nowhere to go to find God. It’s right where you are.

He said that as long as you are incomplete, you are holding something or the other. 80-90 percent of you are troubled thinking that the world will run like this. but it’s not like that. Change is necessary. Whether your actions are bad or good, life is here. You have to flow in the same current as what is happening. You do charity, yet wrong is happening with you. It is so with everyone. What’s in our hands? Let us enable, free, fear our mind. Everything looks different from the eyes with which you look. Do such a thing that money runs after you.

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